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Hansjörg Wyss Wellness Center

Now Open at Bok, a New Health Center for Philly’s Immigrant and Refugee Population

Run by Jefferson Health and SEAMAAC, the Hansjörg Wyss Wellness Center offers clinical care and social services to patients regardless of their citizenship or health insurance status.

covid-19 evictions

New Study Examines How Halting Evictions Helped Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 in Philly

stix pregnancy

Philly-Based Women’s Health Startup Stix Just Raised $3.5M in Seed Funding

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NextUp: The CHOP Spinout Reducing Medication Errors and Waste

Bainbridge Health is using data to identify trends in critical care medication use for COVID-19 patients and prevent drug shortages during the pandemic.


Black Scientists Still Face an Uphill Battle in Securing NIH Research Grants

Despite changes to the NIH grant review process, a new study found Black applicants consistently receive lower scores in the first phase of review. Experts explain why that could be — and what local institutions can do to address the disparity in funding.


NextUp: The Philly Company Improving Molecular Tests for COVID-19

Biomeme has invented a coronavirus test that can be evaluated outside of traditional lab settings and can deliver accurate results in an hour or less.


How Can the City Protect Residents From Extreme Heat Amid COVID? Philly Health Experts Have Ideas

As Philadelphia enters weeks of 90-degree days, the city is faced with two crises at once: heat exposure and the coronavirus.

life sciences companies

Inovio Embroiled in Lawsuits Around Its Potential COVID-19 Vaccine

The region’s frontrunner in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine is working through a class action lawsuit and has filed a lawsuit against one of its development partners.

hiv at-home test kit

Philly Nonprofit Offers Free Self-Test Kits to Encourage HIV Testing at Home

AccessMatters wants to reduce stigma and keep at-risk populations safe from contracting COVID-19 while getting tested for HIV.


NextUp: The Local Company Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Disease

Annovis Bio is developing new methods to treat neurodegenerative disorders and brain injuries caused by viral infections like the coronavirus, COVID19.


Roseann Rosenthal Steps Down as CEO of Ben Franklin Tech Partners

The longtime head of the region’s largest tech investment firm explains her decision to resign and her wish for entrepreneurs in the life sciences.


NextUp: MediFind Connects Patients to Life-Saving Information

The local company has developed a searchable database that helps patients locate doctors, research and clinical trials for chronic and rare health conditions.


10 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe From Coronavirus This Summer

Experts from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offer tips on everything from swimming in public pools to choosing child care amid the pandemic.


NextUp: The Philly Company Uncovering Smarter Healthcare Data Insights

HealthVerity is partnering with the FDA in the fight against COVID-19.


Philly’s Black Community Has Been Disproportionately Harmed By COVID. Why Didn’t the City Respond Sooner?

While black people have accounted for more than half of the coronavirus deaths in Philadelphia, the black community was left to rely on grassroots efforts to bring them testing while the city waited on federal funding.

Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19 Antibodies

Philly biotech founder Ben Doranz explains the importance of understanding how COVID-19 antibodies work and why it may be too soon to declare anyone as being immune to the virus.

This Philly-Made App Will Reward You for Social Distancing

Would a free cup of coffee or a discount at your favorite clothing store encourage you to keep your distance? The entrepreneur behind this new health platform is betting it might.

Where to Get Tested for Coronavirus in Philadelphia

The latest guidance on testing methods and sites available across the city.

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