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The No-B.S. Guide to COVID-19 Testing in Philadelphia

There are many places where you can get tested for coronavirus in Philadelphia. Here’s the information you’ll need to choose the right one.


NextUp: Roundtrip Is Removing Transportation Barriers From Healthcare


Philly Should Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis — And Then Do Something About it

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Why Olive Oil Should Be Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Temple researchers say adding two spoons of extra virgin olive oil to your diet could help stave off Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders.


This Villanova Researcher Is Using Earthworms to Create a Human Blood Substitute

Associate professor Jacob Elmer says the critters may hold the secret to a viable and sustainable replacement for human blood donations.

NextUp: The Startup Improving Incontinence Care

DriQ Health has invented a smart adult brief that uses Internet-of-Things technology to help prevent accidents in senior living facilities.


This Virtual Reality Treatment Could Be the Cure to Phantom Limb Pain

Researchers at MossRehab are studying whether the technology can help rewire patients’ brains to alleviate unexplained limb pain in amputees.


Impulse Dynamics Secures $80 Million in Funding for Breakthrough Device

The Series D financing will enable the Mount Laurel company to bring its FDA-approved Optimizer Smart therapy to millions of U.S. patients with chronic heart failure.

NextUp: ChromaTan Is Making Biologic Manufacturing More Cost-Effective

The local company has invented a chromatography technique that could save biotech companies millions of dollars.


Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Cancer Screening

During Cancer Screen Week, the American Cancer Society’s Carmen Guerra talked to us about how to ensure equal access to preventative cancer screenings.


Here’s What Health Professionals Can Learn From Instagram Influencers

A new study from researchers at Drexel University found that narrative posts on Instagram may be an effective tool in curbing misinformation about vaccines.

NextUp: The Philly Company Improving Indoor Air Quality

Through a partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Airthinx is also bettering how we monitor and treat young children with asthma.


The Shortage of Black Male Doctors Is Medicine’s Real Emergency

Here’s what Temple and other Philadelphia colleges and universities are doing to put more black men in white coats.

NextUp: How Clinlogix Is Making Clinical Trials Faster and More Efficient

Using innovative tools like blockchain, this local clinical research service organization is helping companies bring new therapies to patients sooner.


How Researchers Are Using AI to Improve Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

A new study by Jefferson researchers used artificial intelligence on images of thyroid growths to predict the risk of cancer.


This Non-Drug Therapy Could Replace Opioids for Pain Management

MossRehab is the first in the region to use the SPRINT endura Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) System, a promising new therapy for acute and chronic pain.

NextUp: The Company Improving Epileptic Seizure Diagnosis

Cognizance has developed a diagnostic test to accurately detect the difference between seizures and other neurological conditions.


The American Heart Association’s Annual Conference Comes to Philly This Weekend

Penn’s Tom Cappola tells us about the latest clinical trials and medical breakthroughs to be announced during AHA’s Scientific Sessions.

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