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coronavirus variants

We Shouldn’t Be Surprised by COVID-19 Variants, Says Penn Coronavirus Expert

Microbiologist Susan Weiss explains why SARS-CoV-2 mutated, how these variants are different and what it means for vaccines.

linnaeus therapeutics

NextUp: The Philly-Area Company Developing New Treatment Options for Advanced Cancers

life sciences real estate philadelphia

How Philly’s Bioscience Sector Is Driving the City’s Next Big Real Estate Boom

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B.PHL Festival Addresses Challenges to Health-Care Delivery and Maintaining Public Health Amid COVID-19

From enforcing mandatory masking to avoiding health-care employee burnout, experts explored the path forward for Philadelphia’s health-care industry beyond the pandemic.

legalize adult-use marijuana

If Pennsylvania Is Going to Legalize Adult-Use Marijuana, This Is How It Should Be Done

Marijuana law experts and advocates weigh in on six things lawmakers should keep top of mind amid the movement to legalize weed.


NextUp: How MOBILion Is Improving the Accuracy of Diagnostic Tests

The Chadds Ford-based company has developed a technology that makes it easy to separate, identify, and analyze molecules that other instruments fail to detect.


For Its Second Year, B.PHL Innovation Fest Will Be Virtual — and Free

Unlike SXSW and other big festivals, B.PHL’s planners say canceling was not an option. Here’s how they made the switch to online in a pinch.


NextUp: The Narberth Company Making Dentistry Safe Amid the Pandemic

MB Dental Solutions has created a tool that enables dentists to perform routine care while protecting patients from potential exposure to COVID-19.

philadelphia covid testing coronavirus

The No-B.S. Guide to COVID-19 Testing in Philadelphia

There are many places where you can get tested for coronavirus in Philadelphia. Here’s the information you’ll need to choose the right one.


NextUp: Roundtrip Is Removing Transportation Barriers From Healthcare

The local company created digital tools that make it easier for patients to commute to doctor visits. During the pandemic, they’ve also helped health workers get to their jobs.


Philly Should Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis — And Then Do Something About it

Local health experts weigh in on what it would mean to declare racism a public health emergency and what our officials can do to ensure health equity now.


NextUp: Larimar Therapeutics Is Advancing Clinical Trials for Complex Rare Diseases

Amid a widespread freeze of clinical research due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this local company has continued progress toward a potential cure for Friedreich’s ataxia (FA).


A New $10M Program Will Improve Access to STEM Opportunities for Women, Black and Latinx Students in Philly

The initiative led by GlaxoSmithKline will fund programs that close gaps in the region’s workforce pipeline and give career opportunities to underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering and math.


NextUp: The Local Company Building a Fleet of COVID-19 Testing Trucks

Aardvark Mobile Health is working to bring safe and efficient coronavirus testing to vulnerable populations.

ala stanford

How Ala Stanford Became a Champion for the Health of Black Philadelphians Amid COVID

While the city waited for funding, this Philly surgeon launched her own program to bring free coronavirus testing to the Black community. But it’s hardly the first time in her life she’s stepped up.

essential tremor

An Inside Look At Penn’s Brain-Zapping Treatment for Essential Tremor

MR-guided focused ultrasound therapy is now covered by Medicare, giving millions of patients access to a minimally invasive treatment for the world’s most common movement disorder.


Coronavirus Has Mutated Into a New, Potentially More Infectious Strain

Researchers from Integral Molecular discuss the differences between coronavirus strains and what the latest mutation could mean for COVID-19 vaccine development.


How Will COVID-19 Affect Philly in the Fall?

Local epidemiologists weigh in on where we are in the coronavirus pandemic — and where we might be headed.

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