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evelyn gonzalez fox chase cancer disparities

How Fox Chase’s Evelyn González Is Fighting Cancer Care Disparities in Philly

The Fox Chase Cancer Center senior director of community outreach recently co-authored a paper on ways to decrease cancer care disparities in medically underserved communities in America. Here, she shares some strategies.


CHOP Has Launched a Grief and Trauma Support Program for Philly Kids

covid long haulers penn neurological center

Penn Just Launched a Neurological Clinic for COVID-19 Long Haulers

Latest Stories

cancer screenings

Why Cancer Screenings — Even in the Middle of a Pandemic — Are Still Vitally Important

Cancer screenings are down this year, which is an issue that should concern us all.

cancer trials philadelphia

How to Access Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatments and Clinical Trials in Philly

Take a look at the medical marvels being pioneered right here.

holiday health advice halloween thanksgiving christmas

How to Celebrate Fall and Winter Holidays Safely During a Pandemic

With the season of family gatherings upon us, here are five ways to make your holiday celebrations safer for all.


Joe Biden and Donald Trump Have Very Different Plans For Your Health Care

A local health policy expert breaks down what each presidential candidate plans to do with the existing health-care law and how it might affect Philadelphians.

mbf therapeutics

NextUp: The Company Developing Next-Generation COVID-19 Vaccines

MBF Therapeutics is applying its expertise in developing gene-based vaccines for use in pets to discover a vaccine that’ll provide longer-lasting immunity to the coronavirus.

herd immunity

Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Herd Immunity And COVID-19

Experts weigh in on the often misconstrued form of resistance to the spread of infectious disease and explain why it might not be the best way to bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end.


NextUp: The Company Bringing Medical Co-Working Spaces to Philly

MedCoShare has established the city’s first co-working space for independent healthcare practitioners, a cheaper alternative to traditional office space leasing.

flu season covid

What Health Experts Want You to Know As We Enter Flu Season Amid COVID

Autumn’s arrival means Philadelphians will have to keep themselves safe from both the coronavirus and the flu. Experts give their best advice on how to stay healthy this fall.

control m health

NextUp: The Philly Company Making It Easier to Live With Migraine

There is no cure for migraine headaches, but Ctrl M Health has developed a digital platform to help migraine suffers reduce the frequency and severity of their symptoms.

vaccine skepticism

COVID Vaccine Skepticism Is on the Rise. Here’s What Experts Say Could Change That.

A COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t yet exist, and already people are saying they won’t get it when it’s available. Here’s what leaders can do now to encourage confidence in the cure.

RTM Vitals Signs

The Philly Company Working on a Wearable Device to Detect COVID-19 Symptoms

RTM Vital Signs has developed a wearable monitoring system that could help track at-risk patients for early signs of COVID-19.


COVID-19 Made Pa.’s Casinos Smoke-Free. Now Advocates Want to Make the Change Permanent.

Experts weigh in on the likelihood that Pennsylvania lawmakers would make coronavirus-caused smoke-free policies permanent beyond the pandemic.

unityphilly app opioid epidemic

How a New App Could Help Prevent Opioid Overdoses in Philadelphia

Researchers at Drexel University, who put the UnityPhilly app to the test in Kensington, now have plans to introduce the program citywide.


B.PHL Festival Addresses Challenges to Health-Care Delivery and Maintaining Public Health Amid COVID-19

From enforcing mandatory masking to avoiding health-care employee burnout, experts explored the path forward for Philadelphia’s health-care industry beyond the pandemic.

legalize adult-use marijuana

If Pennsylvania Is Going to Legalize Adult-Use Marijuana, This Is How It Should Be Done

Marijuana law experts and advocates weigh in on six things lawmakers should keep top of mind amid the movement to legalize weed.

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