ThinkFest Preview: Nick Elmi, Greg Vernick and Audrey Claire Taichman on the Future of Philly Food

Three titans of the Philly restaurant industry will discuss the state of the food scene at our annual ThinkFest event in November.

ThinkFest, Philly Mag’s annual gathering of the city’s greatest minds and ideas, is upon us. It’s going down on November 15th, and this year’s lineup is ridiculous. We’ve got all the Philly newsmakers you could think of speaking at the event: Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens. Oh, and Meek Mill and Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin headlining the whole event.

Talking restaurants? Well, none other than our biggest food stars, Nick Elmi and Greg Vernick, in a discussion about the future of Philly food led by Audrey Claire Taichman.

Last January, we called Elmi and Vernick “The Torchbearers” in our big feature story about the Philly restaurant industry’s new guard. “Torchbearers” in that they are the ones setting the bar in this town. Elmi’s got, what, three restaurants now? All of them successful? And Vernick is our homeboy — a James Beard Award–winning chef with a beloved neighborhood restaurant, a new cafe, and soon enough, a fancy-schmancy seafood restaurant at the base of Philly’s most impressive architectural structure.

With their restaurants, their concepts, their ideas about food and drink, they are the two chefs in Philly pushing us — leading us — to where we’re going. Which prompts the question: Where are we going?

And that’s precisely what we’re hoping to find out on November 15th at the Annenberg Center for Performing Arts. Check out the full lineup and get your tickets here.