And on the Third Day, Protesters Visited the Comcast Tower

Demonstrators protest outside the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, Wednesday, July 27, 2016, during the third day of the Democratic National Convention.

Demonstrators protest outside the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, Wednesday, July 27, 2016, during the third day of the Democratic National Convention.

Ten protesters received $50 citations from Philadelphia Police after they flex-cuffed themselves to a railing in the lobby of the Comcast Center on Wednesday afternoon, according to Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

The demonstrators “couldn’t have been more peaceful,” Ross said. They were removed from the lobby, given their citations and sent on their way, in keeping with the city’s desire to get through the Democratic National Convention without having to arrest any of the thousands of people who have taken to the streets to protest a variety of causes — the convention itselfHillary Clinton, police violence, environmental issues, etc. Read more »

WATCH: Black Lives Matter Demonstration Takes Over Broad Street

BLM protestors 940x540

Photo | Maria McGeary

The Philly REAL Justice Coalition drew over 300 people into the street for a march to Center City on Tuesday afternoon. Police were stationed in groups on street corners and several were mounted on bikes, awaiting the crowd. Protestors gathered at Diamond Street at 2 p.m. and marched through Temple University’s campus, then down the center of Broad Street to City Hall.  Read more »

WATCH: Giant Inflatable Joints Marched Around City Hall

As part of a massive pro-marijuana legalization protest on the first day of the Democratic National Convention, protesters today marched two giant inflatable joints around City Hall and down Broad Street. Above, we caught the giant joint going around our city’s house of government. Burn one down! Read more »

Thousands March in Center City Against Fossil Fuels

A man holds a FraCK NO! sign while walking on Market Street during an environmental protest

Photo | Dan McQuade

Thousands marched from City Hall to Independence Mall today to call for a “clean energy revolution” — protesting fossil fuel extraction methods like fracking, pipeline projects like Mariner East and the use of nuclear power. It was the first major protest of Democratic National Convention week in Philadelphia.

“We got, what, like 10,000 people on the streets of Philadelphia on a 100-degree day,” said David Braun, a longtime anti-fracking activist who served as an emcee once the march reached Independence Mall. “To stand up for a clean and just renewable energy future. To take us away from fossil fuels. We did it in the heart of where fracking is happening.”

There were no police incidents during the march; one girl was separated from her parents but they were reunited not long after organizers announced it from the stage at Independence Mall. Before the march, organizers Food & Water Watch held a press conference at City Hall. Read more »

WATCH: An Interview With a Bernie Supporter in a Rat Suit

Waffles the Clown, a performer who previously dressed up as Bernie Sanders’s little brother Ernie, is marching in an anti-fracking protest today with a sign calling Democrats “Demorats,” and says he’s going to write in Bernie Sanders for president (while holding a giant pencil, of course).

Philadelphia magazine was wondering how he was handling the heat, so we stopped to ask him a few questions. He moved us to the shade first.

Six Arrested After Sit-in at DNC Host Committee Offices

Six members of Reclaim Philadelphia were arrested yesterday after staging a sit-in at the offices of the Democratic National Convention’s Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee, demanding to see a list of convention donors.

Reclaim Philadelphia, a protest group comprised of “former Bernie staff,” according to its Facebook page, has been advocating for transparency among the DNC host committee. The group has also called for the resignation of three committee members: Ed Rendell, Daniel Hilferty and David Cohen.

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Philly’s Top Cop Weighs In on Protests, Possible DNC Mayhem

Police Commissioner Richard Ross speaks during a news conference Friday, January 8, 2016, in Philadelphia.

Let’s face it: the last week has been brutal for just about everyone in the law enforcement world.

The shocking fatal police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota outraged people across the country, triggering waves of protests that have shown no sign of abating. (Demonstrators have taken to the streets in Philadelphia for six days in a row; there were two separate marches today alone.)

When a lone sniper gunned down five cops in Dallas and wounded seven others last Thursday at the tail end of a Black Lives Matter protest, the tension between police and activists seemed to reach an all-time high. Both sides  worried that more chaos would follow. While the rhetoric sometimes grew particularly tense over the weekend, none of the protests in Philly resulted in any arrests or violent confrontations between police and demonstrators. The same can’t be said for other cities.

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Black Lives Matter Protest Hit Center City This Morning

Black Lives Matter protestors gather in front of City Hall during an early morning demonstration.

Black Lives Matter protestors gather in front of City Hall during an early morning demonstration.

Familiar protest chants echoed through the streets of Center City early Monday morning — “Whose lives matter? Black lives matter!” — but this time, they were being hollered by a crowd of mostly white demonstrators.

The Philadelphia chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), which describes itself as a network of whites organized for racial justice, led a march that began at City Hall around 8:15 a.m. and ended back there an hour later, where protestors called on Mayor Jim Kenney to “take a stand for black lives.”

Police scrambled to reroute rush hour traffic as the marchers moved west across Market Street, up 16th, and then back down Broad. Some motorists honked their horns in solidarity as the demonstrators yelled “Hey hey! Ho ho! These racist cops have got to go!”
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