The Perfect Excuse for a Lunchtime Stroll: National Walk at Lunch Day Is Tomorrow 



Guys, it’s going to be 72 degrees and sunny tomorrow, and you know where you’ll be during your lunch break? No, not sitting hunched over your desk, trying to type with one hand while shoveling leftover pasta into your mouth. You’ll be outside, soaking up the sun! Because tomorrow, April 29th, is National Walk at Lunch Day.
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Einstein Healthcare Network Opening Gynecology Clinic for Lesbian and Bisexual Women and Transmen

Dr. Sharon Butterworth, Dr. David Jaspen and physicians assistant Michele Style at the clinic in Mt. Airy.

Physicians assistant Sharon Butterworth, Dr. David Jaspen and Dr. Michele Style at the clinic in Olney.

Later this spring, Einstein Healthcare Network in Olney will open a gynecology clinic catering specifically to lesbian and bisexual women and transmen.

The clinic is a dream project of two out healthcare professionals at Einstein, Dr. Michele Style and physician’s assistant Sharon Butterworth. Style explains that she wanted to start the clinic, because she understands firsthand what it’s like to visit a traditional gynecologist as a lesbian. “I remember walking into a gynecologist’s office in my 20s and it didn’t feel like a safe or welcoming place—and I’m from a medical family. I generally have trust in the medical system,” she says.

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TV’s Dr. Oz Defends Against Calls for Dismissal

Dr. Oz, seen here with Today show anchor Matt Lauer, is under attack for promoting questionable medical treatments.

Dr. Oz, seen here with Today show anchor Matt Lauer, is under attack for promoting questionable medical treatments.

Dr. Mehmet Oz — better known as “Dr. Oz” to his television audience — is coming under increasing attack for promoting what critics say are questionable medical treatments. There’s a movement afoot to boot him from the faculty of Columbia University, where he serves in the medical school. Read more »

Taylor Swift Reveals Her Mother Has Cancer

This morning Taylor Swift tweeted her fans a Tumblr link to a letter she wrote about her mother, Andrea Finlay’s, recent cancer diagnosis.

For Christmas this year, I asked my mom that one of her gifts to me be her going to the doctor to get screened for any health issues, just to ease some worries of mine. She agreed, and went in to get checked. There were no red flags and she felt perfectly fine, but she did it just to get me and my brother off her case about it.

The results came in, and I’m saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer. I’d like to keep the details of her condition and treatment plans private, but she wanted you to know.

The letter goes on to encourage fans to remind their parents to go to the doctor and get checked. She doesn’t reveal what type of cancer it is or the prognosis. You can read the rest of the letter here.

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Bad News for Pa. Anti-Vaxxers: Bill Would Eliminate “Philosophical” Exemptions

flu vaccine

Pennsylvania legislators are considering a bill to toughen the state’s immunization requirements by removing one of the pathways to opting out.

There are three such pathways now: A medical exemption, a religious exemption, and a philosophical exemption. HB 883 — introduced this week by Rep. Becky Corbin, a Chester County Republican — would eliminate the philosophical exemption, and raise the paperwork barriers to gaining a religious exemption, requiring affidavits signed by a healthcare provider.  Read more »

Why We Should All Be Taking Cold Showers



I always thought taking a cold shower was kind of like putting on a fur coat to take your dog for a walk in the middle of August: weird, incredibly uncomfortable, and beneficial to no one — until today.

Today, I came across a piece on Fast Company, headlined “The Scientific Case for Cold Showers,” which dispelled my misconceptions about, well, cold showers. I thought, So there’s actually a reason to take cold showers? People who willingly step under a faucet spewing ice-cold water first thing in the morning aren’t simply insane? How intriguing. 

The piece is a first-person account of a guy’s struggle to become a cold-shower convert in order to reap the benefits, touted in scientific studies: increased energy, soothed sore muscles, improvements in memory, and even a treatment for depression.

The bone-chilling (har har) fear of taking a cold shower keeps the author from diving in for a while, but eventually he gets up the nerve up to turn down the heat (he actually starts off warm then gradually lowers the water temperature until it’s cold), and it’s official: After one cold shower, he’s a cold-shower convert! He says cold showers make him feel more energetic, alert and happy. I was convinced he was lying, because how on Earth could a cold shower make someone happy? But then I scrolled down to the comments section.  Read more »

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