10 Things to Never, Ever Buy at the Dollar Store


Love it or hate it, the dollar store remains an undying aspect of American culture that rakes in nearly $36 billion dollars in annual profits, expanding faster than any other retailer on the market (even the monster that is Walmart). It’s unsurprising that the business has been booming for over half a century when it carries everything one could ever need in life for an economy-friendly price. Buying school supplies in bulk for your kids? Need wrapping paper and a card to put together a last-minute gift? Check and check.

With the mass Dollar Tree openings across the Philadelphia region and beyond, the temptation to make this discount retailer your new go-to pitstop for party decor, college dorm staples and even an alternative to the grocery store is high. The bad news? Many of the products on the shelves are as toxic as they are cheap. Read more »

At Penn, Joe Biden Spells Out How Cancer “Moonshot” Will Work

Vice President Joe Biden, pictured with Penn's Dr. Amy Gutmann, launches a "moonshot" initiative to hasten a cure for cancer at Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia on January 15, 2016.

Vice President Joe Biden, pictured with Penn president Dr. Amy Gutmann, launches a “moonshot” initiative to hasten a cure for cancer at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia on January 15, 2016.

Joe Biden called it a moonshot, but the vice president says he’s realistic about the fight against cancer. He doesn’t want people to think the push against cancer, announced by President Obama in Tuesday’s State of the Union address, is some over-the-top declaration that we’re going to find a cure for cancer immediately.

“My goal is that we find absolute cures, but for some cancers where we get to the point where we can manage them and they become chronic diseases,” Biden said at Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center on Friday afternoon. “The goal is: Whatever breakthroughs we can make in 10 years, my goal is to make sure we can do it in five years.”

Biden was in West Philadelphia to talk with doctors and kick off the push against cancer, which Biden says is less of a program and more of a way to see how he and the U.S. government can be a “value-add” to the fight against the disease. Biden’s son, Beau, died of brain cancer last year at the age of 57.

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The Checkup: The Best Gloves, Socks and More to Warm You Up When You’re Freezing

• When you want to find out the best gear for conquering cold weather (or in our case, an office that could double as an ice box), you go right to the source: the freezing people of the Internet. Here, 31 tried-and-true products to warm you up in no time recommended by people who are as cold as you. [BuzzfeedRead more »

The Checkup: How to Optimize Your Email Habits to Seriously Lower Stress Levels

• Email is a fickle friend: On the one hand, it’s, well, handy. And quick. But on the other hand, it can turn what might otherwise be a 9-to-5 job into an around-the-clock stressor. If inbox anxiety is weighing you down, check out these smart strategies for rehabbing your email habits for a more balanced relationship with the send button. [Huffington PostRead more »

Philly’s 10 Most Inspiring Health and Fitness Moments of 2015

inspiring stories

We can’t help it: We’re suckers for a good story — especially when said story makes us sniffle, cry and go “Awwwww.” This year, we had a lot of those moments, thanks to stories of local folks overcoming incredible health obstacles to fitness heroes who inspired us to get off the couch to meet our own goals.

If you’re in need of some quick motivation, you’ve come to the right place. Here, our 10 most aww-worthy stories of the year. Get your Kleenex ready.  Read more »

Philly Is Winning at Enrolling People for Obamacare



Philly is among the nation’s leaders in enrolling residents for health insurance, the White House announced this week. Signup for Obamacare coverage during the 2016 year ends today.

The city joined Milwaukee and Detroit in signing the most new residents for health insurance, White House officials said, though they told Philly Mag today they don’t yet have an exact number. The communities were among 20 big cities challenged by the White House in November to raise their health insurance enrollment rates during the signup period. Read more »

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