Ex-State Health Official: Pennsylvania Didn’t Study Fracking’s Health Effects

Former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Eli Avila said Gov. Tom Corbett did the state’s citizens a “disservice” by not having the state study the potential health effects of fracking. “The lack of any action speaks volumes,” Avila said. “Don’t BS the public. Their health comes first.”

Avila is now the public health commissioner for Orange County, New York. He made the comments after retired state officials said they were silenced on responding to residents with questions about fracking’s health claims. “What are you so afraid that we’re going to uncover?” Avila told the Associated Press. “It’s not that I’m against fracking. I’m sure it’s helping many individuals financially.”

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Put Down That Razor: 5 Reasons to Get Your Butt Waxed

Billy Cavallo and Ashley Piotrowski

Model Billy Cavallo and The Bronzed Bee owner Ashley Piotrowski

First of all, let me state for the record that I am not saying you have to wax or laser your butt. If you’re the au naturel kind of gay, then bully for you. (Lord knows a razor or wax strip has never come near my nether regions.) However, if you like your bum smooth, then pay close attention.

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Study: You’d Rather Shock Yourself Than Be Alone and Think



If you think that you’d rather be sitting at home, doing absolutely nothing, instead of sitting in work on this post-long-weekend Monday, think again. Turns out most people would rather be doing anything than nothing at all. According to TIME, a new study published in the journal Science found that many people prefer administering mild electric shocks to themselves to being left alone with nothing to do but think for six to 15 minutes.  Read more »

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