Hey, Philly! I’m Your New Be Well Philly Editor

Meet Philly Mag's new health and wellness editor, Gina Tomaine.

Photo by Claudia Gavin

Hey, Philly! My name is Gina Tomaine, and I’m the new editor of Be Well Philly, and the new health and wellness editor for Philadelphia magazine.

Some of you may know me already. I’ve been a longtime runner and yogi, and November Project gal since the free fitness group was birthed in Boston. (In fact, I wrote one of the first ever stories about the fledgling organization for Boston Mag, back in 2012 when they were just some giddy, muscular people hanging out at Harvard Stadium.)

I’ve been living in Philly off and on since 2006, and writing about health and wellness for years. I’ve run four marathons, and approximately six thousand 5Ks; I’m constantly on the hunt for a good poke, grain, or açaí bowl; and this year I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Habit in Fairmount, where I currently live. (You can also frequently find me watching teen dramas on Netflix surrounded by a copious amount of Sicilian pizza, or rambling about my next book club book to whoever is in my general vicinity.)

After about two years covering the lifestyle scene here at Philadelphia magazine, I’m excited for this new challenge to begin. It shouldn’t be too difficult of a transition: I’m obsessed with Philadelphia, and I think we have one of the most fun, engaged, and dynamic fitness and health scenes in the country. The community here is strong, and there’s always something new to learn about it. That’s why I’m so excited to take on the mantle of Be Well Philly: to continue to tell your stories, and to bring you all the latest fitness and wellness information your heart desires — and take that coverage into new places, too.

Stay tuned here for the latest news on workouts and studio openings, tips to help you live, work, and eat better, plus wisdom from our seasoned fitness pros and health experts. Also, look for more content on alternate therapies and wellness, from tarot meditation to sound healing to local K-beauty. And, if you haven’t already, check out our great classes and events: you can come hang at a Be Well Philly Underground workout or at Be Well Philly Boot Camp this summer.

Want to say hey right now? Pitch a story? Send hate mail, love notes, your fave smoothie recipe, your thoughts on Selena vs. Hailey, your manifesto, your best and worst marathon times? I’m here for it all. Email me at, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I can’t wait to hear from you, Philly.

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