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Study: Why Your Bedtime Matters Just As Much As the Number of Hours You Sleep

Sure, setting a bedtime alarm might sound like an eye-roll-worthy suggestion. But a new study performed by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that […]

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Over 2 Million Pounds of Chicken Products Recalled 

If dairy does not work wonders for your body, you’re going to want to take note: Tyson Foods Inc. has recalled nearly 2.5 million pounds of […]

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Common Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your Skin (And How to Fix Them)

It’s time to get serious, my friends. Serious about taking care of the largest organ of our body — our skin. We chatted with Naomi […]

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2017 Guide to Sunscreens: The Best Sunscreens (and What Belongs in the Garbage)

The Environmental Working Group just released their much-anticipated annual Guide to Sunscreens— and, based on their report, you have plenty of reasons to be wary […]


Ben Franklin Tech Partners Pumped $3.7M Into These 21 Philly-Area Startups Last Quarter

Tech investment powerhouse Ben Franklin Technology Partners released their third quarter investment plan this week and 21 early-stage companies got approved for investment. A total […]

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Exercise Really Is a Fountain of Youth, New Study Shows

The key to keeping your cells looking nice and young? It looks like exercise might just be the answer, my friends. As TIME reports, a new study […]

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The Checkup: Ick! These Are the Germiest Spots in Your Kitchen

• New research out of Drexel found the germiest spots in Philadelphia kitchens, so you’re going to want to read their breakdown (highly frequented areas […]

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The Checkup: The Unsettling Link Between Over-the-Counter Painkillers and Heart Attack Risk

• Before you pop yet another ibuprofen for your never-ending headache, take note: A new study published in BMJ found that taking certain over-the-counter painkillers, […]

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5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Smoothies

Oy. Navigating through the world of healthy drinks is no easy feat these days. What with that whole unicorn smoothie trend and the maca and the matcha […]

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The Hard Truth Behind Philadelphia Health Statistics

Every morning during my commute to work, in the span of 25 minutes on the Paoli-Thorndale train from Suburban Station to Overbrook, I witness what […]

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How Healthy Are Philadelphians?

How healthy are you? How healthy is your family? What about your neighbors, the people you work with, your town? We know terroir affects grapes. […]

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Here’s Exactly How Much Coffee You Can Drink Each Day Without Consequence

If you find yourself needing something more along the lines of a coffee bowl than a coffee cup (we feel you), listen up: The folks […]

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The Checkup: A New Science-Backed Excuse to Eat More Avocado (Victory!) 

• This news might be the only thing to make me smile just as much as a perfectly ripe avocado: New research, published in the journal […]

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6 Natural Ways to Keep Your Allergies in Check This Spring

Every year when spring rolls around, I’m surprised that my entire face is itchy, I’m sneezing a lot more frequently and that my eyes well up every time I step […]

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These New Emoji Tell You What Your Poop Means

Who knew emoji could be so useful? As Refinery29 reports, the company Synergy Pharmaceuticals has taken the poop emoji to a whole new level, releasing […]