The Checkup: Ick! These Are the Germiest Spots in Your Kitchen

And more must-know info to start your week.

• New research out of Drexel found the germiest spots in Philadelphia kitchens, so you’re going to want to read their breakdown (highly frequented areas like the fridge and the sink both make the cut), then bust out the Lysol immediately. Fair warning: They found fecal bacteria in nearly half kitchens they looked at. Gross, we know. [TIME]

• If upping your mood is your goal when it comes to exercise, then you might want to take it easy: New research shows lower-intensity movement (think: a walk) proved most beneficial in the mood department. [Men’s Health]

• Your SoulCycle bike is going to look a whole lot different soon. [Well + Good]

• Meet the gym bag you actually won’t mind carrying around with you. [Fast Company]

• Looking to rev up your plank? Say hello to the inchworm exercise. [Women’s Health]

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