The Checkup: Where to Find Awesome Deals on Lululemon Leggings

And other health and fitness tips to get you through the week.

• Did you know Lululemon has a “We Made Too Much” sale section on their website? Shopping it can save you a good chunk of change on everything from leggings to sports bras.(Excuse us while we bookmark that page.) Here, 13 other tips for saving money on your fitness addiction, from which day of the month to score your gym membership for the best price to how to use your ClassPass to get the most bang for your buck, and more. [PopSugar]

• Deciding whether or not to cut out dairy? Here, health pros give their input on the dairy debate and dish on whether or not you should banish it from your diet[mindbodygreen]

• Lazy dinners don’t have to be delivery pizza. Here, seven recipes to upgrade your frozen veggie burger to an easy, healthy, meal. [Greatist]

• Spinning is one sweat-inducing and muscle-burning workout. But in some cases, it might work your muscles too hard. Here, the scary reason a spin class sent this woman — and others — to the emergency room. [The New York Times]

• Once you get into a routine, it’s hard to break your habits. Here, 37 running mistakes you make on the reg without even realizing it. [Runner’s World]

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