Amber Rose Stars in PSA to Fight Tampon Tax, Gains Back Some of Our Affection

Sometimes, South Philly native Amber Rose does stuff that make us want to stop claiming her. For instance, saying that people where she’s from (we repeat: South Philly) “aren’t traditionally attractive people,” which she said on the radio back in July.

Insert face to palm.

But then she does all sorts of stuff that keeps the soft spot for her in our heart from closing off for good, like combatting rape culture with her annual SlutWalk, explaining what a period is to her four-year-old son, and, most recently, starring in a PSA to fight the tampon tax. See the PSA below.  

Pennsylvania is one of 13 states that doesn’t consider menstrual products — a necessary purchase for a huge chunk of the female the population — “luxury items,” and therefore doesn’t place a sales tax on them. Every other state does. That’s where the whole “tampon tax” name comes from. The aim of Period Equity, which produced the PSA, is to make menstrual products accessible to all who need them, and a big part of reaching that goal is making them more affordable, which is where fighting the tampon tax comes in. As their website states, “Menstrual products should be tax-exempt. They should be affordable and available for all, safe for our bodies and the planet. Periods should not hold anyone back, period.”

So fine, Amber Rose, we commend you for fighting the good fight. We won’t swear you off quite yet.

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