Four Philly Sports Classics From Completely Forgettable Teams

We get it: It’s tough to get stoked about Philly sports right now. (Sorry, Sixers; “potential” isn’t technically exciting.) But remember, even a so-so squad […]


It’s Official: YouTube Now Available on Comcast’s X1

Just when you thought X1 couldn’t get any better, Comcast reminds you it’s possible. For all you X1 customers out there, the cable giant has […]

YouTube on X1

Comcast Is Bringing YouTube to X1

You’ll soon be able to view YouTube videos right from your Comcast cable box. Comcast and Google announced today that YouTube would soon be available […]

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Video Surfaces of ICandy Owner Darryl DePiano Saying the N-Word

A YouTube video posted publicly on September 27th titled “ICandy Philadelphia Owner Uses the N-Word” has been circulating on social media. The video first circulated […]

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10 YouTube Yoga Videos You Should Have Bookmarked

We all have those days: Maybe you hit the snooze button one too many times, or maybe you had to stay at work late to hit […]

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Q&A: Kevin Simmons of YouTube’s The Skorpion Show

The Skorpion Show has been online since 2008. What inspired you produce it? It wasn’t inspiration that started The Skorpion Show. I used Youtube as […]


Mother of Philly YouTube Prank Star Jesse Wellens Is Missing

[UPDATE] Police have confirmed the sad news that Jeana Smith posted to Twitter yesterday, that Stella Wellens has died. — Jeana (@PhillyChic5) December 21, […]


Meet Ed Bassmaster, Philadelphia’s Biggest Star … on YouTube

There isn’t much that grates on Philadelphians more than having their city defined by a tired canard about a Santa Claus who got booed in […]


Eagles Fan Drops Funny Pope Parody Video

Early this morning, Delaware County’s Alex Dilks Pandola dropped a funny parody video on his YouTube channel turns Lady Gaga’s “Dope” into a song about the pope. […]


Comcast vs. YouTube?

What will Comcast do in the wake of the Time Warner Cable merger collapse? How about going head-to-head with YouTube? The Information reports that Comcast is […]

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Break A Sweat in Under 10 Minutes With 12 Intense YouTube Workouts

I’ll be honest, some days I barely have time to eat, let alone break a sweat. Which is why I am so, so thankful for […]


University of Delaware Students Remake Friends Intro

Students from the University of Delaware did a pretty spot-on parody of the Friends intro. They even made it look like it was filmed in the […]