It’s Official: YouTube Now Available on Comcast’s X1

Watch all those makeup tutorials and gaming videos right from your cable box.

Courtesy photo.

Just when you thought X1 couldn’t get any better, Comcast reminds you it’s possible.

For all you X1 customers out there, the cable giant has followed through on its deal with Google to bring YouTube to your set-top box. All of YouTube’s programming is now easily accessible at the sound of your voice via the X1 remote.

On Tuesday, Comcast and Google announced the arrangement (which we first talked about in February). As cord-cutting remains a real threat for the cable giant, the deal cleverly boosts X1’s platform with YouTube’s billions of videos. As for Google, it’ll get way more eyeballs on YouTube content as digital platforms face pressure to grow viewership.

“Giving our customers seamless access to live, on demand and internet content in one place continues to be a key part of our strategy and we are excited to now add YouTube to the X1 experience,” Comcast Cable EVP of Xfinity Services Matt Strauss said in a statement.

YouTube’s chief business officer Robert Kyncl said in a statement that the living room is YouTube’s fastest growing platform. “We are excited to supercharge our distribution there and bring Xfinity X1 users a seamless way to consumer all the content they love,” he said. “Voice is a key enabler to discovery and we are looking forward to brining it to Xfinity X1 users.”

The experience will be as seamless as saying “YouTube” to launch the app. And to search by topic, users can enter “make-up tutorials” or “party dip recipes” to search the content by remote.

Comcast last made a move for more web content on X1 when it made Netflix available on the platform last November.

The company consistently praises X1 (with its top search and voice control capabilities) as a big competitive differentiator in the cable space. It’s the platform that attracts a high number of subscribers and keeps them locked in. Nearly 55 percent of Comcast’s video subscribers use X1, a number that’s likely to increase to 60 percent by year’s end.

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