Eagles Fan Drops Funny Pope Parody Video

Delco's Alex Dilks Pandola turns Lady Gaga's "Dope" into a song about the pope.

Early this morning, Delaware County’s Alex Dilks Pandola dropped a funny parody video on his YouTube channel turns Lady Gaga’s “Dope” into a song about the pope.

When the video begins, you hear Mayor Nutter’s voice going on about the pope’s visit while Inquirer headlines, like “Philadelphia In a State of Panic As Pope Visit Nears,” flash on the screen. Then Dilks comes out of the house wearing an Eagles Jersey.

“Holy shit, it’s on. / I’m praying like a nun,” he sings as he holds up a pope Bobblehead. “You got drama if / You think I’m staying home. / I don’t know how to get in. / ’cause they closed the Ben Franklin. / God can the Birds win? / Don’t even try / to get on I-95.”

The much-slowed-down version of Gaga’s song goes on to sing about the fence, car-parking fiascos and the screwed up SEPTA routes. The ultimate message? “I need to see the pope!”

The three-and-a-half-minute video features appearances by a cute kid wearing his own Eagles jersey, a Porta Potty, and what is presumably Dilks’ cat. Check it out in all its glory above.