10 YouTube Yoga Videos You Should Have Bookmarked

From core-strengthening yoga to post-run yoga to bedtime yoga, we've got you covered.



We all have those days: Maybe you hit the snooze button one too many times, or maybe you had to stay at work late to hit a deadline. Whatever the reason is, you missed your favorite yoga class: Noooooooo. But before you freak out, note: there’s no need for you to forego your daily yoga sesh just because life got in the way — the Internet, per usual, is here to save the day.

After doing some digging, we’ve rounded up 10 the awesome YouTube yoga videos to help you get your zen on even when you miss your favorite class. From yoga for core strength to yoga for weight loss to energizing morning yoga, there’s a video to meet every yogi’s needs. I’m going to go ahead and say you’re welcome in advance. 

Yoga for the Morning
via Yoga With Adriene

I don’t know about you, but the days that I give myself enough time to do a little yoga when I wake up always seem to turn out to be the best, most-productive days. Yoga With Adriene is one of my go-to channels for morning yoga — her cheerful, happy attitude always helps set me up for a great day.

Yoga for Core Strength
via Yoga by Candace 

Get ready to build some serious core strength with this 20-minute yoga flow designed to tighten and sculpt your abs and help you conquer more challenging yoga poses.

Yoga for Toned, Strong Arms 
via Do You Yoga 

Be warned: Your arms are going to be on fire after this short but seriously effective arm-shredding yoga sequence. Instructor Sadie Nardini attacks the whole upper body, including chest, shoulders, core and arms. And it’s not your typical yoga flow, either. She’ll have you do one minute of work, followed by a 15-second cool-down each time.

Yoga for Lower-Body Strength 
via Mandy Reid Yoga 

Strengthen and stretch your body from your toes to your hips with lunges, standing splits, side-angle pose, and more. This powerful yoga flow starts off with standing poses designed to naturally strengthen your muscles and ends on the floor with deep, relaxing stretches. Ahhhh.

Full-Body Yoga for Weight Loss 
via PsycheTruth

This 30-minute sequence of sun salutations and jump switches is bound to get your heart rate up in no time, trust me.

Yoga to Increase Flexibility 
via Sarah Beth Yoga 

Sarah Beth is another one of my all-time favorite YouTube yoga instructors. This 30-minute, intermediate-level sequence combines a number of yoga styles: it starts with a Vinyasa flow, followed by some Hatha yoga poses and Yin-style deep stretches to release tension and increase range of movement.

Post-Run Yoga 
via Brett Larkin Yoga 

This 40-minute Vinyasa flow targets sore and tight muscles in runners, hikers, and bikers. It’s great for stretching out tired muscles, finding balance, and cooling down post-cardio.

Yoga for Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain
via Yoga TX

This video is designed to relieve tension in the upper back after a long day of sitting at a desk or a stressful day at work. Trust me, once you try this video once,z you’ll turn to it again and again. It works. Like really works.

Desk Yoga for your Office
via Eckhart Yoga

Speaking of sitting at a desk all day, most of us spend wayyy too much time slumped over in front of a computer during the day. You can do this routine by instructor Esther Eckhart right from your desk chair periodically throughout the day to relieve and prevent pain. Yes: Your office mates will probably look at you like you’ve lost your marbles, but your body will thank you.

Yoga for Bedtime
via Sarah Beth Yoga 

I had to include another from Sarah Beth Yoga because, well, I might be a little bit obsessed with her videos. This 30-minute all-levels Yin video with guided breath meditation helps you unwind, stretch out, and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

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