Comcast vs. YouTube?

New report says the cable giant is set to launch a new online video service.


What will Comcast do in the wake of the Time Warner Cable merger collapse? How about going head-to-head with YouTube?

The Information reports that Comcast is planning to launch a new online short-form video service with on-demand TV shows and other programming.

The proposed video service would mark a brand new chapter for Comcast, which would be able to play in a loosely regulated market, reach a national audience and possibly even make its service available outside the U.S. It also may be a necessary move, given that younger viewers have been gravitating toward Web videos made by a new generation of artists. One purpose of the service is to add new types of shows to Comcast’s cable package, allowing people to watch them on TV screens.

A Comcast spokesperson declined to comment.

It would be an interesting move for Comcast. Company execs are surely racking their brains to combat the rise of streaming services like Netflix, Google Chromecast and AppleTV. But who needs the licensing fees and complexity that come with playing in that space? Comcast seems content with trying to fight that battle the old fashioned way, by keeping cable customers from cutting the cord.

But does Comcast really want to challenge YouTube? It’s been dominating the online video market for about 10 years now. Plus it’s backed by Google. Can Comcast really face-off against two tech titans?