Break A Sweat in Under 10 Minutes With 12 Intense YouTube Workouts



I’ll be honest, some days I barely have time to eat, let alone break a sweat. Which is why I am so, so thankful for the the Internet, where you can find all sorts of workouts to squeeze into a time-crunched schedule. These workouts might be short—each one is under 10-minutes long—but boy are they intense. And an added bonus? They’re all free! If you’ve got more time on your hands, check out more of our favorite YouTube workouts.

Full Body Yoga
This yoga routine is designed to stretch and strengthen your entire body, so you’ll feel re-energized and focused in just ten minutes.

This workout will get your heart racing and keep it there with intense cardio moves. Warning: Prepare yourself for lots of jumping.

Lower Ab Workout
You will definitely feel the burn with this lower ab workout. Note: you’ll need a small medicine ball for some of the exercises, so make sure to keep it handy.

P90X Workout
The P90X creator himself will be guiding you through this ten-minute workout. And it is P90X, so you know those muscles will be screaming in no time.

Upper Body Workout
This workout is all about body-weight moves—no dumbbells required! There’s no background music in the video (I didn’t realize how much I was used to it until there was absolute silence), so you get to choose what music will get you fired up.

Cardio Boxing
Get ready to bring out your inner Rocky with this high-intensity cardio workout. And if you really want to commit, the Art Museum steps are right around the corner…

Aerobic Dance Workout
In this workout, you’ll be gettin’ your groove on with the adorable Cassey Ho. It starts out slow as she teaches you the routine, but by the end your heart will be pounding. Remember to hit each move to get the most out of your workout!

Barre Workout
Anyone who’s tried a barre workout knows, they are no joke. Your legs are sore for days after class. During this routine, you’ll work both your legs and core for a nice, lean look. Note: Make sure to have a sturdy chair and a yoga mat ready.

Five-Minute Fat Burner 
Five explosive moves. Five minutes. That’s all it takes to get that heart racing.

Butt-Lifting Workout
Using a mat and a three to five lb. weight, you’ll strengthen those hamstrings, lower back, and of course, those butt muscles to create a tight, lifted tush.

Pilates Ab Workout
This Tabata-style Pilates workout (think 20-second intervals of Pilates moves with quick breaks in between) will give you that strong core you’ve been looking for.

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