Q&A: Kevin Simmons of YouTube’s The Skorpion Show

The Philly native talks about his experience producing a hit YouTube show.

(L-R) Co-Hosts Makael Mclendon and Kevin Simmons of The Skorpion Show.

Co-hosts Makael Mclendon and Kevin Simmons of “The Skorpion Show.”

The Skorpion Show has been online since 2008. What inspired you produce it?
It wasn’t inspiration that started The Skorpion Show. I used Youtube as a creative platform while I was job-seeking. I think more inspiration came along the way once I noticed the show was catching was on via social media on Myspace, and blogs posting some of our videos.

What challenges have you faced doing this show in Philadelphia?
One of the tough challenges doing this show in Philadelphia is that we get invited to attend many events in Los Angeles instead of our hometown. Most of the celebrity interviews we have done are out of state, or we have to stalk tour dates to find out when a celebrity will be in town and see if they are interested in doing a interview. Other than that, being Philadelphia-based is great.

Your celebrity interview lineup and visibility have grown over the years, and yet the show has been able to maintain its authenticity. How have you maintained that balance of fame while producing a show for YouTubers of all backgrounds?
We balance our social media relevancy by being true to who we are. We have our good days and bad days just like everyone else. What we try to do is hold your attention for an hour by giving our opinion on various topics while having fun, and entertain our audience in the process.

Kevin Simmons with Lady Gaga in 2012.

Kevin Simmons with Lady Gaga in 2012.

What is your most memorable moment producing the show?
I can’t just pick one. First is that Michelle Williams noticed a video I did about her because BET said she wasn’t “urban enough.”

Where do you see this show going as it reaches close to a decade online?
While I see the show still being online, I would love to see us give more commentary like we have done on Good Day Philadelphia and in entertainment segments on several news networks. Something else is finally venturing into the podcasting world. Right now we are still reluctant on that.

There are so many new LGBTQ faces using social media platforms to produce programs. What advice you would give the newcomers?
The best advice for the newcomers is to be yourself. I have seen so many people copy those who have come before them. It’s unnatural. Create your own lane and stick to it.