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Be Well Philly

This Philly Musician Is Running Marathons to Grieve His Wife’s Death

Who I am: Eddie Gieda (@ebgiii), 41 Where I live: Center City What I do: I am a musician and band member of An Albatross. […]

Be Well Philly

A Philly Fitness Instructor Shares Her Story of Overcoming Heroin Addiction

Who I am: Kim Harari (@kimharari_), 26 Where I live: Center City What I do: I am a lead trainer at Fitler Club and WE/FIT […]

leukemia survivor
Be Well Philly

For His 30th Birthday, This Leukemia Survivor Went on a Road Trip to Share His Story in 30 Cities

Who I am: Vincent Goodwin What I do: I’m an advocate and moderator for Health Union and a mentor for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. *** […]

Be Well Philly

This Philly Entrepreneur Founded a Company That Promotes Positive Thinking. Then She Was Diagnosed With Depression.

“Mental illness runs deep in my family. My mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 25 years old, which was the same year […]

breathing exercises
Be Well Philly

Why Is This Philly-Area Construction Company Teaching Its Workers to Take Deep Breaths?

“We’re going to start with one hand on the chest and one hand on the belly button,” Pat DeAngelis announces to the quiet room. “First, […]

pregnancy body
Be Well Philly

How Pregnancy Has Helped This Yoga and Barre Teacher Listen to Her Body More

Who I am: Larkin Silverman What I do: I co-founded and teach at Lumos Yoga & Barre in Fairmount. *** “Pregnancy was a scary thing […]

trans fitness instructor
Be Well Philly

How Strength Training Helped One Trans Fitness Instructor Come to Terms With Their Body

When I was 25 years old, I lost my dream job. The small queer and trans youth center where I worked was moved under the […]

lesbian transformation
Be Well Philly

When This Philly Instagram Influencer Came Out as a Lesbian, Her Mom Kicked Her Out of the House

Who I am: Kate Austin (@kateaustinn), a blogger and influencer who focuses mostly on gay and lesbian issues. *** “The only thing I really ever […]

Be Well Philly

This Pennsylvania Woman Was “Almost Grateful” That She Needed a Heart Transplant

Name: Alin Gragossian Role: Emergency medicine resident at UPMC Pinnacle in Harrisburg ***  Philly mag: Why did you want to be in emergency medicine in […]

lifestyle blogger
Be Well Philly

How a Philly Lifestyle Blogger Went From Apologizing for Her Body to Loving it

This story has been updated to the specific brand where Emily Tharp worked. Who I am: Emily Tharp (@herphilly) Where I live: Rittenhouse What I do: […]

chronic pain
Be Well Philly

After This Archaeologist Got Injured in a Car Accident, Chronic Pain Nearly Ruined Her Life

Who I am: Noel Davis (@parisfitphilly) Where I live: Northeast Philly What I do: I’m an archaeologist and personal trainer. *** I found out what […]

quit fitness industry
Be Well Philly

This Local Spin Instructor Almost Quit the Fitness Industry When Her Sister Passed Away

“Last year, my sister passed away suddenly. I have a really cheerful disposition — a ton of energy — and I’ve been that way, I […]

Be Well Philly

How Barre Classes Helped This West Chester Woman’s Eating Disorder Recovery

Who I am: Jenna Somerville (@j_somz), 23 What I do: This fall, I will be attending West Chester University as a full-time graduate student to […]

sober fitness
Be Well Philly

At Almost 40 Years Old, This South Philly Man Decided to Trade Boozing for Baking

Who I am: Louis Remolde (@louisr4ever, @thesinglebaker) What I do: I’m a full-time fitness instructor at Fitness Works and a part-time baker. Where I live: South […]

healing fields philly
Be Well Philly

This PA Native Was Addicted to Heroin and Pills. Now He’s Running His Own Yoga Studio.

Who I am: David Hem (@thehealingfieldsphilly), 37 What I do: I run the Healing Fields Philly, a new yoga studio in Northern Liberties. *** I was […]