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5 Things I Started Doing Differently Once I Became a Health Editor

I’ve always been interested in healthy eating and exercise. I have not always been a health editor, however. When people ask how I got into […]

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These Are a Philly Skin Care Pro’s Must-Have Products

Chances are, you’ve heard of About Face Skin Care, either from their Best of Philly award in 2016 for their hand rejuvenation services, or their life-saving summer […]

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Does Drinking Water Do Anything to Help My Dry Skin?

Dry skin in a plague that seems to be especially widespread during the winter months. Hands cracking, lips chapping — it’s all unpleasant and sometimes […]

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The Checkup: The Perfect Pre-Workout Breakfast for Every Diet

• The struggle of finding the perfect pre-workout breakfast — one that’s not so heavy it weighs you down, but hefty enough to fuel your workout — […]

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The Checkup: 3 Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in Boutique Fitness Classes

• When you’re spending upward of $30 for a boutique fitness class, it helps to know you’re doing everything you can to get the most […]

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10 Dos and Dont’s of Dealing With Sunburn, According to Philly Skincare Pros

So, we all know that sunburn is something that should be avoided at all costs. I mean, at this point, using sunscreen is a no-brainer. […]


Connoisseur: Danuta Mieloch’s Favorite Things

The founder of Rescue Spa is a longtime fixture on Philly’s beauty scene, but now, after fielding desperate pleas from our neighbors up north, she’s […]

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Common Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your Skin (And How to Fix Them)

It’s time to get serious, my friends. Serious about taking care of the largest organ of our body — our skin. We chatted with Naomi […]

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How Often Do You Really Need to Wash Your Face?

Lately, the skin on my face has felt like an overstuffed plastic grocery bag that’s stretched to the point that it’s juuuust about to break […]

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Whole Foods Is Offering an Insane Deal on Beauty Products This Friday 

Whenever I go to Whole Foods, I peruse the beauty aisle in the same way I peruse the Lululemon website. That is, with very little […]

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What You Should Be Doing in the Shower (But Aren’t)

Out of pure necessity, showering might be the most consistent beauty regimen anyone follows. I mean, you can get away without doing an exfoliating mask […]

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The Checkup: 5 Fitness Apps Worth Sacrificing Space in Your Phone For 

• Figuring our which fitness apps are and aren’t worthy of the precious — limited! — space in your iPhone can be hard. That’s where this list […]

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9 Awesome Vegan Beauty Products to Have on Your Radar

When it comes to the vegan lifestyle, it doesn’t have to stop at the food you consume. Without getting too deep into the disturbing realities of […]

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The Case for Ditching Sugar This January

Some people ditch their beloved margarita-fueled happy hours for the month of January (bless their souls) in a quest to complete Dry January — and, […]

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The Best Face Moisturizers for Dry Winter Skin, According to Philly Skin Pros

With temps swinging from frigid to practically balmy these days, you might notice that your skin isn’t too happy. Changes in the weather combined with […]