This Face Goop Is the Only Stuff That’ll Get Me to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Non-greasy, lightweight, actually pleasant sunscreen does exist.

supergoop unseen sunscreen

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen is the magical, non-greasy sunscreen I’ve been searching for. Background image by Getty Images/jamielawton

I hate sunscreen. I hate the well it smells. I hate how it leaves a sticky, slimy film all over my skin. I hate how, no matter how long I’ve let it “soak in,” it still makes my face shiny, like I’ve slathered it with Crisco.

But here’s the thing: Wearing sunscreen is the one point every single dermatologist seems to agree on. And while I may have (foolishly) eschewed the stuff in my youthful days, I got a serious reality check last year: During a visit to the Body & Beauty Lab on Chestnut Street, I took advantage of the med spa’s complimentary Visia Complexion Analysis. This futuristic machine uses UV lighting to snap in-depth photos of your skin — mapping out all the wrinkles, age spots, and — yup — sun damage.

Ya’ll, it was frightening. Horrifying. Seeing all the speckles of aggressive sun damage spread across my face like a topographical map scared me straight — and sent me running to the store for sunscreen. For a while, I experimented with CeraVe‘s moisturizer with SPF 30 because it was cheap and I could find it at my local Acme. But it didn’t take long before I got grossed out by the feeling that the stuff was creating an oily layer on my face, with my makeup floating on top like pond scum.

So I went hunting. There’s got to be a non-greasy sunscreen out there, I thought. I headed to a local spa with its own skincare shop, but while I looked at a bunch of little vials of $60 creams and smoothed little on the back of my hand, the results were all the same: Oily. Ick. 

Then I stopped by Sephora. After having tried a bunch of expensive, fancy-pants brand sunscreens, I was skeptical that I’d find anything there that would meet my needs. But then, friends, the impossible happened: I found the perfect sunscreen.

It’s not oily. It’s not white and gloppy. It smoothes on with a matte, dry finish — almost like a silicone. It actually works as an excellent makeup primer.

It’s called Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. Supergoop is a vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand that was created by a former teacher who wanted to make wearing sunscreen more appealing. And let me tell you: They have succeeded. I wear the stuff every day under my makeup — I actually like applying it — with zero greasy, slimy residue.

Supergoop actually produces a whole line of SPF-packed products — from a makeup-setting mist to a daily moisturizer — making finding a sunscreen that fits with your lifestyle easier than ever. As we get into the heat of the summer, I highly recommend finding a sunscreen you not only can tolerate, but actually love. After all, the easiest habit to form is one you actually enjoy doing.

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