9 Vegan-Friendly Products the Plant Based Blonde Can’t Live Without

Caroline Ginolfi — AKA @plantbasedblonde — gives us the scoop on her favorite products, from workout gear to kitchen gadgets.

Photograph by Jillian Guyette.

Philly’s resident queen of veganism, plant-based living, and animal activism is undoubtedly Caroline Ginolfi, who you might know better as the Plant Based Blonde, the name of her blog and Instagram handle. Her drool-inducing sushi bowl graced the cover of our last print edition of Be Well Philly, and she shared some trusty veggie cooking tips with us at Be Well Philly Boot Camp last year. Bonus: She’s a passionate dog mom.

But while we’re always curious about what Ginolfi is eating — I mean, just look at these cauliflower tacos — we also want to know about the skincare, kitchen gadgets, and more that she simply can’t go a day without.

Below, you’ll find nine of Ginolfi’s favorite products, all of which reflect her vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle — and will totally inspire you to follow her path.

Franklin & Whitman Serums

“This is one of my favorite beauty brands of all time! They are based in Philadelphia and donate a portion of every sale to the PSPCA. Franklin & Whitman products are cruelty-free and vegan, using 100-percent natural, plant-based ingredients. Their products and packaging are also sustainable and recyclable, and they even have their own recycling program. My daily essentials are the Chestnut Hill Cleansing Serum, Walnut Hill Facial Serum, the East Falls Body Serum and Dry Shampoo.” $39.95 from Franklin and Whitman.

Ethical Athleisure from Teeki, Girlfriend Collective, and Wolven Threads

“Working from home (and in wellnesss!) provides me the luxury of being able to wear yoga clothes just about everyday. When buying new additions, I choose from one of the many sustainable brands out there manufacturing athleisure wear from recycled water bottles and eco-friendly materials, while also providing safe and fair work to employees. I love Teeki, Girlfriend Collective, and Wolven Threads.” $72 from Teeki.

S’well Bottle

“I have a strong attachment to my water bottle. When I say I can’t leave home without it, I truly mean it — I actually get uneasy if I don’t have it with me. I like to stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day and will not buy single use plastic bottles so this is essential in my daily routine for my own health and the health of our planet. I love S’well because they are woman-owned and are partnered with several charities, including UNICEF, to provide safe and clean water all over the world.” $35 from S’well.

Reusable Produce Bags

“Keeping in the theme of waste reduction, I religiously bring reusable bags everywhere I go. I use them to carry groceries, on-the-go lunches, belongings, etc. Crazy bag lady over here for sure! A couple years ago, I found reusable produce bags which are amazingly convenient and help cut down on plastic consumption even further.” $28 for a set of 10 bags on Amazon.

Ripple Milk

“This is currently my favorite non-dairy milk because it packs in some serious nutrition with eight grams of plant-based protein, DHA omega 3’s, more calcium than dairy milk, and zero sugar added. Plus it has vitamin D, iron, and is so creamy and smooth!” $4.99 at Whole Foods.

Hemp Hearts

“I eat hemp hearts just about every day in smoothies, on salads, sprinkled over toast, soups, stir fry’s — you name it. Hemp hearts are one of the most concentrated and balanced sources of protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins in nature. A three-tablespoon serving size has roughly ten grams of complete plant-based protein, containing all ten essential amino acids. Hemp hearts also have omega 3’s, fiber, iron, and manganese.” $9.32 on Amazon.


“I have to have lemons stocked in the house at all times. They are an essential in my kitchen and daily routine. I use them everyday in water, tea, cooking and/or cleaning.” $0.79 each (for organic lemons) at Whole Foods.


“Inset eye roll, I know. They are expensive, but I truly use my Vitamix every day, if not several times a day, for smoothies, lattes, hummus, soups, vegan cheeses, sauces, and flours. I got mine certified refurbished for around $300 four years ago. It’s my can’t-live-without kitchen appliance. P.S. their customer service rocks too!” $329 (for certified refurbished) on Amazon.

Otis Eyewear

“Protecting our eyes is incredibly important. I spend a lot of time outdoors and Otis is one of my favorite brands for a couple reasons. First, the lens is made from mineral glass which is created from natural elements like sand and soda ash, so it’s endlessly recyclable and harmless to humans and animals alike. Otis also has a lifetime warranty, and best part is they are scratch resistant! Also available in prescription.” Starting at $180 from Otis Eyewear.

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