7 Must-Have Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin, According to a Green Beauty Pro

Ashley Richardson, esthetician and owner of Green City Beauty, offers up her go-to products for her sensitive skin.

Photograph courtesy of Ashley Richardson.

The convenience of online shopping has made it easier than ever before to spend hours pouring over reviews and rankings of the world’s best skin care products. You’d think this would make buying good products easier than ever, too — but in reality, it’s way too easy to fall down a skin care Reddit rabbit hole.

That’s why we turn to the pros, like Ashley Richardson, owner and esthetician at Green City Beauty, a Best of Philly award-winning ingredient-conscious skincare hub, to help us weed through the noise. Given that Richardson has fought her own personal battles with difficult skin, she’s a knowledgeable pro when it comes to the products worth investing in.

For this week’s roundup of must-haves, Richardson has shared with us her go-to skin care products — her secret weapons for glowing skin — that she uses pretty much daily. Read on for the skin care and beauty products Richardson can’t live without, plus where to score your very own.

Vita-Rich Creme

“By your 30s, vitamin A should be a key ingredient in your anti-aging regimen. The problem is, in my opinion, there aren’t many out there that get the green beauty thumbs up. Vita-Rich Creme by FitGlow Beauty is an exception, and that’s why I love it. It uses Retinol rather than Retinoic Acid, which is important because Retinol is the purest form of vitamin A and, when used properly, is not irritating or inflammatory to the skin — a common complaint with prescription or over-the-counter products. Another huge plus for Fitglow’s product is that it uses a liposome delivery system which more effectively delivers the active ingredients into the skin.” $109 from FitGlow Beauty.

Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask

“This product line needs no introduction in the clean-beauty industry. The comprehensive line is full of rock stars, but I particularly love the Advanced Hydration Mask. It’s one of those products that ends up being an experience when applied to the skin. It’s designed to help replenish and maintain cell hydration. Why do I love it? In my opinion, one of its star ingredients is botanical hyaluronic acid which aids in the skin’s natural ability to hydrate and hold moisture, lending to skin repair.” $65 from Josh Rosebrook.

May Lindstrom “The Problem Solver” Mask

“This powder-to-foam, warming, corrective mask is a superhero. Antioxidant-rich cacao, activated bamboo charcoal, salts, and exotic spices make up this intense formula that’s noted as a miracle worker by the line’s cult following. What’s to love? The potent formula helps to stimulate the body’s own internal healing response, thus proving effective for inflammatory concerns with the skin. I use this multiple times a week, especially when my skin just needs a boost or has signs of inflammation. My experience with it is that it’s an instant healer.” $100 from May Lindstrom.

CV Skin Labs Rescue and Relief Spray

“This one’s a game-changer for inflamed skin types and, unfortunately, I fall into that category. Food sensitivities, easily activated facial capillaries, intense flushing, and redness are all symptoms I experience on a daily basis — especially after a workout. Because of the spray formulation, this product is far less irritating than a cooling product you’d have to rub on your skin.  Using this one right after a workout or in my daily routine, I can’t live without it. It’s cooling effect helps to reduce my redness and inflammation and it’s awesome after makeup application as a mist to blend and contour with your makeup brush.” Starting at $14.50 from CV Skin Labs.


“These captivating scents are my go-to perfume. Finding a clean perfume that has staying power throughout the day is a tricky task. This line masters it. My favorite, Give Signature, is a blend of sun-ripened citrus and warm vanilla notes that were inspired by sultry summer days in Italy. A proprietary blend of essential oils and an almond oil base make it a clean alternative to conventional options in fragrance. Why do I love it? The entire line is formulated without alcohol, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. The warm, clean, fresh fragrance make it an awesome everyday option.” $49 from Givescent.

FitGlow Beauty Vegan Round Terry Brush

“This is a must, especially for people with sensitive skin! It’s so soft and with the lightest touch, blends makeup so beautifully. Unfortunately for me, any textured product — facial towels, brushes, etc. — can irritate my skin, but not this one. I use it everyday after applying my foundation (also from Fitglow) and contouring powder (yes, from Fitglow; can you tell I love this line?) to blend into a smooth, even finish. I love that this line is so conscious about every aspect of development and manufacturing.” $49 from FitGlow Beauty.

Beauty Counter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen

“Out of all of my must-have products, this one ranks right there on the top of the list. I literally don’t go a day without applying it under my eyes and on my cheeks where I have damage to my facial capillaries from the inflammatory skin condition that launched my passion for effective, clean skin care. The skin under my eyes needs coverage due to the discoloration from food sensitivities which, unfortunately, over time has taken it’s toll on my complexion. The problem in general with concealers is finding one that doesn’t appear flaky or cake-y or even appear to make the complexion look worse after application. The skin under the eyes is different from anywhere else on our face because it lacks sebaceous glands.  Therefore, finding a creamy, lightweight concealer with powerful and effective coverage is ideal. This product by Beauty Counter does all those things flawlessly.” $33 from Beauty Counter.

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