This Clean Beauty Event Will Teach You About Reliable Skincare Brands

Brands to Believe In — a new local conscious consumption platform — is hosting a clean beauty event in October featuring makeup demos, skincare, and more.

clean beauty

Clean beauty company Franklin and Whitman will be at the Brands to Believe In event this October. Photo by Melissa Tilley

It’s pretty obvious that we’re living in an era of conscious consumption. Labels like “clean” or “organic” or “all-natural” or “ethical” are everywhere — from our skincare to our coffee to our clothing.

Taking full advantage of this current trend is former BPM Fitness co-owner, Erin Moffitt, who has switched professional gears with the launch of her new venture Brands to Believe In, a platform for promoting businesses that are serving consumers with better quality products and services.

“My goal is to get the word out to people about the amazing companies out there who are doing the right thing for humankind and for the environment,” Moffitt explains. Brands to Believe In wants terms like “natural, cruelty-free, and chemical-free” to be the standard for all products, not just marketing-driven buzzwords.

To celebrate this mission, Brands to Believe In is hosting their first event, a Clean Beauty extravaganza, next month. And trust us, you won’t want to miss it.

On Sunday, October 7 from 12 to 2 p.m., you can stop by this Clean Beauty Event at Love City Brewing, who brewed up a batch of a peach gose just for the event with peaches donated by Hungry Harvest. Throughout the afternoon, makeup artist Sparkle Hill will share two live makeup demos using Elate Cosmetics‘ clean products, and to compliment the makeup, Franklin and Whitman will showcase their Cleansing Serum. And of course, attendees will leave with swag bags filled with samples and discount codes to keep the clean beauty efforts going well after the party’s over.

Because Moffitt knows that trying products before buying is an important step for most consumers, Brands to Believe In’s live events are crucial to her effort.

“Pop-up events like this allow me to invite people to see the products I’m talking about in use. The goal is, when people know the look and feel of the products and have seen them in person, they’ll feel more confident about purchasing them,” Moffitt explains.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about clean beauty products and conscious consumption in general, it might be worth your while to shell out 25 bucks for this Brands to Believe In event. Score your tickets and learn more here. Oh, and your first peach gose from Love City is included in the price of tickets. Cheers to that!

Love City Brewing is located at 1023 Hamilton Street.

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