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The $7 Face Mask That Will Make You Believe in Face Masks

I’m not easily sold on face masks. I used to try them all, from made-at-home avocado masks to cost-me-one-month’s-worth-of-disposable-income mud masks from Sephora, but none […]

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The Checkup: What to Do When You Wake Up with a Giant Pimple

• Pimples, man. If you, like me, have learned the hard way that they’re not just for teenagers, next time you wake up with a […]


5 Skincare Game-Changers: Drugstore Edition

We love ballin’ on a budget as much as the next chick, especially when it comes to navigating the potentially pricey world of skincare. We […]


Labor Day PSA: Pennsylvania Ranked Second Most Wrinkle-Prone State in America (Eek!)

Consider this a pre-Labor Day PSA: Wear your sunscreen! A recent study by RoC Skincare assessed every state in the county to find which has the […]


How to Get Rid of Post-Summer Sun Damage (Hello, Sunspots!)

So you ignored all of our warnings and spent half the summer frying your skin at the shore, or you took our advice and slathered […]


Um, Should You Be Seeing a Dermatologist For That?

The business of skincare is filled with people telling you what to do with your face, but since the FDA does not regulate cosmetics (and skincare […]


Market Report: When to Throw Out Your Old Makeup (and Why You Need to!)

Skin irritation doesn’t seem to be clearing up? It could be your expired foundation. Find out the actual shelf-life of your beauty products. (Warning: You may […]

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The Checkup: Calorie-Burning Cardio Workouts for the Non-Runner

• Anyone invested in their overall fitness knows that cardio is a crucial element of any exercise regimen. I happen to be a fan of […]

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Cuckoo for Coconut: 40 Brilliant Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Derived from the meat of mature coconuts, coconut oil is uber trendy, and can be used in a variety of ways. It’s filled with antioxidants and vitamins, […]


Market Report: The 10 Surprising Habits That Are Wrecking Your Skin

We all know the major skin offenders: picking at pimples, sleeping in makeup, not moisturizing. But who knew brunch was compromising your complexion? Here, 10 […]


Market Report: 5 Reasons to Put Your Skin on a Makeup Diet

The 5:2 skin diet — foregoing makeup twice a week — might be just the detox your face needs. [Glamour] The best thing to come out of […]

City Life

Man Crush Monday: Becky Fenlin

Every week, Philly gay gents share their local picks for Man Crush Monday. Today, something a little different: About Face Skin Care co-owner Becky Fenlin shares five […]

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The Checkup: You Probably Need to Replace Your Pillow, Like, Now

• When was the last time you replaced your pillow? If you can’t remember, you’re probably long overdue for a new one. According to sleep […]

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Fact: You Probably Did Not Need to Shower Today, Experts Say

If you, like me, hate showering (because hellooo, that 20 minutes of my life could be better spent re-watching Beyoncé’s Year of 4 for the 142nd […]

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4 Pesky Winter Skin Problems — Solved

I love winter: snowy runs along the Schuylkill, ice-skating at Penn’s Landing, sledding at the Art Museum. Too bad my skin doesn’t agree. “The cold […]