The Best Face Moisturizers for Dry Winter Skin, According to Philly Skin Pros

Looking to bring your dry, dehydrated skin back to life? These Philly skin pros have a few suggestions.

With temps swinging from frigid to practically balmy these days, you might notice that your skin isn’t too happy. Changes in the weather combined with radiator heat can lead to intense dryness, because your skin can’t figure out what to do with itself. But don’t worry — we chatted with Philly’s top skin experts to get their tops picks for winter moisturizers, from organic oils to luxe creams. (And yes, you should change up your skincare based on the seasons in case you don’t already.) These winter moisturizers will have your skin looking glow-y and hydrated in no time at all.

Chrissy Dress of Cure De Repos
Go-to moisturizer: 
BABOR Limited Winter Protect Cream

“This cream is formulated for all skin types, however it is geared toward skin types that need defense against harsh, cold weather conditions that may contribute to tight, dry skin. The innovative cold protect shield and chicory root extract provide the skin’s barrier function a helping hand while compensating for dullness and minimal sun exposure by restoring smooth, fresh, and supple skin. This cream is also excellent for sensitive skin that is easily irritated by environmental influences. Think La Mer and all the wonderful benefits, but for $85.”

Jolene Hart of Eat Pretty
Go-to moisturizer: Weleda Skin Food

“Above all, my number one criteria in a moisturizer is that it employs natural and organic ingredients. Your skin drinks in so many of the ingredients in your beauty products, and these ingredients have a serious impact on your overall health and well-being when you use them again and again. I like to look for a moisturizer with a blend of natural oils (jojoba, sweet almond, rosehip seed, and avocado are favorites) and a calming ingredient like calendula or aloe. Weleda Skin Food is a classic moisturizer, and a cult favorite among makeup artists. Its formula is rather simple but very calming (it contains calendula and chamomile). It’s quite thick, so I just dab on a little bit, and only really use it in the winter months.”

Monica Colón of Rescue Spa
Go-to moisturizer: 
Valmont Prime Regenera II

“This moisturizer contains a lipid complex that mimics your own to help restore the integrity of your epidermis. It also contains beeswax, DNA and RNA from salmon, which aids in wrinkle reduction and premature aging. It heals and repairs skin from even the most extreme weather conditions. (It can even be used on sunburns!) A little goes a long away. It can be used on your lips and dry patches as well. Oh, and it smells wonderful!”

Monique Mason of Moko
Go-to moisturizerIntelligent Nutrient’s Renewing Oil Serum

“I love this serum, a liquid emerald jewel, containing chamomile, black cumin seed, rose, ylang ylang, and a myriad of effective certified organic ingredients that glide over your skin and immediately sink in for moisture. It’s certified organic and works great for redness and skin elasticity. It’s great to put on before bedtime to let sink into the skin. You wake up with a nice healthy glow and skin looking revitalized.”

Selena Starbard of Fabriq Spa
Go-to moisturizer:
Dr. Alkaitis’ Nourishing Treatment Oil

“During the winter I like to apply my treatment products and moisturizer right after I get out of the shower while my skin is still damp and warm. This allows my skin to lock in the maximum amount of moisture and leaves it feeling ultra hydrated. I recommend regularly using Dr. Alkaitis’ Nourishing Treatment Oil to achieve glowing, supple skin even in the harsh cold.”

Becky Fenlin of About Face Skincare
Go-to moisturizer: 
SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2

“This brand-new product from SkinCeuticals is like a sheer, hydrating saran-wrap for your skin. It has a unique cholesterol-dominant ratio that helps provide an external barrier for your skin, while nourishing and hydrating the skin from the inside. The cold temperatures, unforgiving wind, and dry radiator heat won’t be able to penetrate through the Triple Lipid barrier to suck the moisture out of your skin. On the reverse side, the product enables your skin to better self-repair, due to the forced hydration. Light-weight, fast-absorbing, and silky-feeling, it’s perfect product for dry winter skin that needs some TLC (and awesome for any post-procedure usage).”

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