The Best Beauty Oils for Every Skin Type (and No, Coconut Oil Isn’t One of Them)

An Ayurvedic skincare guru tells all.

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Image via Wilde Gatherings.

From cleansers to serums to hair masks, beauty oils are having a big moment right now. Consider them the nutrient-packed superfood of nature with a side of aromatherapy benefits to boot. Mix ‘em into your skincare routine before bed for an extra boost or use to spot-treat common skin issues the all-natural way. We caught up with Kelley Hughes of Parlour in Fishtown and owner of just-launched skincare line Wilde Gatherings to hear her shortlist of go-to beauty oils. They’re vitamin-packed, easy to find, and oh-so-good for your skin, so start ramping up your skincare routine right now. (Insider tip: You can make your own beauty oil blends by picking up these oils at your nearest Whole Foods or health food store.)

#1. Rosehip Seed Oil
This oil is nectar from the gods for mature or environmentally-damaged skin, says Kelley. It’s packed with vitamins C and A, as well as linoleic acid — the perfect anti-aging, renewing cocktail for even the most sensitive skin. “Rosehip seed oil can be used from head to toe,” says Kelley. Slather everything from your cracked cuticles to your dry scalp (using less than you think) for a new radiance.
Recommended use: Daily
Combines well with: L
avender, jasmine, or rose essential oils.

#2. Jojoba Oil
First things first, it’s pronounced ‘ho-ho-ba.’ If this oil looks familiar, that’s because it’s used in tons of beauty products, thanks to its highly moisturizing and antibacterial properties. For next-level hydration, Kelley suggests using this oil as a makeup remover — your skin will be transformed overnight, thanks to the concentrated dose of vitamin E and antioxidants which promote healthy, clear skin.
Recommended use: Nightly

#3. Sweet Almond Oil
Perfect for people with sensitive skin, this ultra-calming beauty oil will help moisture sink deep into your skin. Sweet almond oil is loaded with vitamins E and D, along with calcium and magnesium, says Kelley — it’s basically a topical multivitamin that will give you a healthy glow.
Recommended use: Apply a thin layer nightly during the hot summer months to avoid over-saturating your natural oil production, and use as a daily moisturizer during the winter to protect and nurture your skin.  If you are extremely dry year-round, use alone or blended with a few essentials oils to as a daily moisturizer.
Combines well with: Vanilla or geranium oils for additional soothing qualities.

#4. Neem Oil
This oil “is considered a cure-all in India and is one of the most amazing oils on Earth,” says Kelley. It detoxifies, rejuvenates, balances, stimulates and calms. It’s anti-inflammatory (like a natural aspirin), so neem oil is great for addressing skin issues like blemishes, eczema, and even fungal infections. Don’t let the pungent smell throw you — this magical oil can be used to enhance the health of your skin, hair, scalp and even gums, says Kelley. Blend with other oils for best results.
Combines well with: 
Avocado oil mixed with lavender and sandalwood, for a cool calming blend; Jojoba and jasmine for anti-aging and nourishing blend.
Bonus points: Mix with lemongrass, peppermint or vanilla for an all-natural mosquito repellent. 

#5. Grapeseed Oil
Varicose veins, look out! This oil strengthens and repairs damaged or weak capillaries the all-natural way, says Kelley, so it’s great for calming ruddy skin. Aside from improving circulation, grapeseed oil will also heal wounds, calm eczema, and soothe sun-damaged skin thanks to its high quantities of vitamins E and C.
Recommended use: Nightly
Combines well with: Jasmine and rose essential oils (for mature skin).

Don’t feel like mixing up your own beauty oils? Check out the five Wilde Gatherings beauty oil blends that will cleanse, soothe, and revitalize your skin. Want to try them out for yourself? Head to Moon and Arrow, Vestige, or Third Street Habit (as of tomorrow) to pick one up, or shop the Wilde Gatherings three-piece box set from Free People online.