Mesh Leggings and Gym Face Wipes: What Barre3’s Stephanie Grimes Can’t Go a Week Without

Stephanie Grimes of Barre3 shares her must-have products.

Photograph by Laura Eaton.

If you’ve ever taken a class at Barre3 Rittenhouse, you were probably initially struck by the beauty and opulence of the studio. Shortly thereafter, you were probably greeted by a happy, shining face — quite likely the face of Stephanie Grimes, co-owner of Barre3 Rittenhouse and barre instructor extraordinaire. Just earlier this week she shared some serious wisdom about the mistakes we’re all probably making during out barre classes. And now, she’s sharing the products that make her barre-filled, lady-boss lifestyle possible.

Read on for a list of Stephanie Grimes’ must-have, can’t-live-without products — from workout clothes to snacks to skincare — plus, where you can score your very own.

Bliss Balls

“My favorite on-the-go snack in between classes is Bluestone Lane’s Bliss Balls made exclusively by HUSK bake shop in Brooklyn, NY. My favorite is the Peppermint because it is high in protein, healthy fats, and immune-boosting super foods.”

PowerVita Leggings

“These leggings are insanely soft and super light, but leave me feeling hugged in and supported all throughout class. And once you go high waisted, you will never go back. The mesh detail makes these a favorite, black, but not black, legging!” $89 from Athleta.

Brush-On Sunscreen

“I have fair skin, so protecting it from the sun is so important! Because I workout throughout the day it is hard to keep any lotion-based products on my skin, so this brush-on powder sunscreen is perfect. It offers a powerful SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection and comes in the form of a finishing powder, perfect for an on-the-go application!” $64 from Colorescience.

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Lip Balm

“This is my favorite lip balm. I am not a fan of balms where you have to dip your finger in the jar, so this one is perfect because you can easily apply it right from the tube. With a little vitamin E and a lot of SPF, this product is functional, but also gives a little boost and shine for a lasting look!” $32 from Blue Mercury.

Sweat Cosmetics

“This is a high-performance makeup line designed by female Olympic athletes and made to complement an active lifestyle. I just started using this line in January and I am already hooked. My favorite product is their skin-balancing cleansing towelettes. I sweat multiple times per day teaching and taking classes, so these are perfect for a quick re-fresh.” $7 for a 10-pack from Sweat Cosmetics.

LAFCO Candles

“I am out and about to and from the studio from about 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. each day, so when I get home I dive straight into relaxation mode and, in order to set the mood, I love lighting candles. My favorite is LAFCO’s Chamomile Lavender. Don’t be intimidated by the price, they burn for months and make each room in your home have a distinct comforting scent.” $65 from LAFCO.

MZ Wallace Tote Bag

“This bag is functional and beautiful! It fits everything I need throughout my day including my computer, an extra workout outfit, snacks, waters, and much, much more. I have it in the Magnet Oxford color which goes with just about everything!” $215 from MZ Wallace.

Nespresso Machine

“When I don’t have time to stop for an almond milk latte, I use one of Function Coffee Lab‘s pods in my Nespresso machine with this special barista Almond Milk. It froths really well and has such a smooth and creamy flavor. When I do have time to grab an almond milk latte on the go, I grab one from Function Coffee Labs on 10th and Carpenter. This dairy-free option is not only kind on my gut, but it starts my day with an extra pep in my step!” $169 from Amazon.

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