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Our Restaurant Critic’s Full-Throated Defense of Wawa Pizza

See that? That’s a Wawa pizza. That’s my Wawa pizza — 16-inch, half-pepperoni, garlic crust, second one in five days, third in two weeks. I […]

a photo of a wawa pizza by a Philly resident who posted a negative wawa pizza review
City Life

People Really, Really Hate Wawa Pizza — For Good Reason

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Joseph’s Pizza Parlor Is a Northeast Philly Comeback Story

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a better name for the hybrid stromboli the new-and-improved Joseph’s has on the menu. It’s half stromboli, […]


Pizza in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

Philly has always had its act together when it comes to pizza. We’ve got our long history of Italian immigration to thank for that. Our […]

a speedway gas station in the germantown section of Philadelphia that is blaring opera from outdoor speakers, apparently to keep looters and other problems away
City Life

At Least Three Philly Gas Stations Are Now Using Opera to Fight Crime

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Paulie Gee’s Is a Welcome (and Spectacular) Addition to Philly’s Pizza Scene

I did not anticipate how much I was going to enjoy Paulie Gee’s. How could I? The new slice shop, opened at 13th and Waverly […]


Brooklyn’s Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop Opens in Philly with Vinyl, Pool, and Late-Night Hours

For anyone who has a special, triangle-shaped hole in their heart reserved for New York-style pizza (or a square-shaped hole reserved for Sicilian pies), Paulie […]


Good Luck Pizza Co. Is So Much More Than Just Pizza

In the dining room at Good Luck, I looked around and wondered where all the people were. It was a Thursday night. Not early. And […]


At Eclectic Hook & Master, Garces Dreams of Octopus — and Pizza

Jose Garces’s Hook & Master is a strange place. Right on the edge of gentrifying Kensington, it’s an octopus-themed Chicago-meets-Brooklyn pizza joint opened in the […]


Pizza Gutt’s New South Philly Takeout Joint Is Up and Running

Pizza Plus, the new South Philly location for Dan Gutter AKA Pizza Gutt’s beloved pies, is currently in its soft-opening phase at 1846 South 12th […]


Pizza Gutt Is Taking His Talents to East Passyunk

Daniel Gutter, the owner and head pizza guy at Circles + Squares (and the brain behind Philly’s most beloved pizza-related Instagram account, Pizza Gutt), has announced […]


The Last Thing South Philly Needs Is Another Pizzeria. Good Thing Stina Isn’t One.

The last thing South Philly needs is another pizzeria. I can name 10,000 already without even thinking. So many that the names all bleed together. […]

giuseppe sons pizza menu philadelphia

Giuseppe & Sons Has Entered the Philly Pizza Fray

When Giuseppe & Sons opened its grand take on classic Italian-American cuisine, there was just one thing missing from its menu: pizza. Sure, they serve tomato […]


That Jawn: Angelo’s Pizzeria Reviewed

It doesn’t matter that it was a beautiful day when I went walking to check out Angelo’s for the first time — a gorgeous sun-shining, […]


Always Order Your Pizza Well-Done

There’s never been a bad time to eat pizza in Philadelphia. But we’re not all lucky enough to live in South Philly, where you can’t fling […]