Giuseppe & Sons Has Entered the Philly Pizza Fray

They're serving lunch and dinner pies — inspired by an Italian pizza trend — upstairs starting today.

giuseppe sons pizza menu philadelphia

Photo by Bondfire Media

When Giuseppe & Sons opened its grand take on classic Italian-American cuisine, there was just one thing missing from its menu: pizza. Sure, they serve tomato pie during their Best of Philly-winning happy hour. But as of today, they’re serving a slate of Neapolitan-style pies at the restaurant’s upstairs luncheonette.

The menu is partially inspired by what owner Michael Schulson and Schulson Collective chef Jeff Michaud have observed at pizzerias on recent trips to Italy.

Pizzaiolos over there are moving away from ultra-high-temp wood-burning ovens in favor of deck ovens like the imported Polin electric oven assembled and installed at Giuseppe & Sons last week. This style of oven features three decks for three pies, with multiple temperature controls for each — one controlling heat on the bottom and another on the top of each pizza.

That control creates a more even bake and allows Giuseppe & Sons to serve a pie that fits certain specs for texture: a crust with a crisp bottom and airy, chewy dough that’s strong enough to hold up to toppings and not flop over when you pick it up. Their pizza dough — a high-hydration sourdough made with local grains sourced from Doylestown’s Castle Valley Mill that undergoes a 48-hour double proof — is also formulated to create a lighter pie that won’t leave you feeling stuffed.

The new menu is available at lunch and dinner starting today — don’t worry, they’re still serving sandwiches from the original menu — and you can check it out below (click to embiggen).

giuseppe and sons menu italian pizza philadelphia

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