phoenixville neighborhood guide

Living in Phoenixville: A Neighborhood Guide

Like the mythical bird that gives the town its name, Phoenixville has risen from the ashes of deindustrialization. For most of its existence, the borough […]


Past Meets Present in Valley Forge for $1.19M

George Washington might never have gone back to Virginia if he had had a place like this to live in. This striking contemporary home sits […]


A Corner Villa in Phoenixville for $399K

Having a corner bedroom doesn’t confer the status that having a corner office has on its occupant, but if you’re living in a house on […]


A Woodsy Wonder Near Phoenixville for $1M (Maybe)

We haven’t shown Chester County much love of late, which is why we went looking for a First-Time Find out that way yesterday. We decided […]


A Great Start in Phoenixville for $190K

Having seen what’s developing on the Westside of town, we can aver that Phoenixville is indeed a happening place now. This old mill town on the […]

Cooking at Westside grand opening

Phoenixville Engages Its Westside

With the major construction work complete, the developer and manager of the new Westside apartment/shopping complex just outside Phoenixville invited their local neighbors to show off […]

City Life

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Attack of the Narco Bunnies

There’s so much shaming going on in the world today: slut shaming, body shaming, parent shaming, president shaming, food shaming … hey, are you eating that […]


First-Time Find: Refreshed in Phoenixville for $235K

Want to walk to Blobfest next year? Want urban vitality with a small-town feel? You can get both by living in the middle of Phoenixville. […]


What $500K Will Buy You in Phoenixville

If you haven’t heard yet, Phoenixville is yet another of those old Schuylkill mill towns that’s enjoying a renaissance. New apartment buildings are popping up […]


First-Time Find: Picturesque Pad in Phoenixville for $195K

The white picket fence says it all. This home is the perfect place for new family with kids to settle down. The home was renovated […]


Westside Story: New Apartments on the (Cutting) Edge of Phoenixville

Another old industrial community with strong bones hereabouts is Phoenixville. This former steel mill town has lately seen a surge of interest in its charming, […]


High-End Rental Boom Moves to the Suburbs

Apartments in downtown Phoenixville for $1,300 to $3,000 a month? Who knew? Just as they have in the city, the Millennials are touching off a […]


Remember That Bar Tour of Phoenixville We Mentioned?

If you don’t, here is a little recap: Ricky Wolf, CEO of Stable 12, told us that he was planning a tour through all the […]


Stable 12 Opening Their Official Taproom in Phoenixville

Are you the kind of person that’s looking for 15 hours of beer-related fun? Do you live in the ‘burbs and secretly despise all the […]

Photo by Max Spann

Defunct Phoenixville Water Park To Be Auctioned

In the heat of summer, most families grab tickets and line up at the gates of their local water park. In a few short weeks, […]