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fringe festival philadelphia venue shut down

City Shuts Down Major Philly Fringe Festival Venue Over “Serious Safety Violations”

Update: On Thursday evening, Fringe Festival organizers stated that the South Philly venue for Late Night Snacks is again operational and that “all future Late […]


Scofflaw Developers Continue to Build on City-Owned Land

If you want to acquire city-owned land for your development, you should have all your permitting, licensing and tax-compliance ducks in a row. At least, […]


NA Poe Pot Party Building Is a “Death Trap,” Says City

Gideon Rettich is a master woodworker in Philadelphia, but he’s not going to be able to get into his studio for a while. You see, […]


Jury Selection for Salvation Army Collapse Trial to Begin Today

Starting this morning, a judge and teams of lawyers will begin to winnow a pool of potential jurors in the Salvation Army building collapse case. […]


Feds Charge Former Philadelphia L&I Employee With Attempted Extortion

The United States Attorney’s Office charged former Philadelphia Licenses & Inspections employee John Wright with attempted extortion on Monday.


City Waging War on Nuisance Clothing Collection Bins

At noon Tuesday, Mayor Jim Kenney, Licenses and Inspections Commissioner David Perri and several other city officials met at Nicetown Court Apartments to discuss a big, intrusive, unsightly […]


City Orders 2122 Locust Facade Be Saved

The Department of Licenses and Inspections has ordered the owner of 2122 Locust Street to preserve the facade of the building when demolition takes place. […]


Can This New Plan Finally Fix Philly’s Decrepit Sidewalks?

[Updated 6:50 p.m.] Philadelphia might be ranked the fourth most-walkable city in the country, but the on-the-ground reality for pedestrians in many neighborhoods suggests otherwise: […]


Police: Watch Out for Fraudster Claiming City Must Demolish Your House

A man posing as a city inspector has falsely informed residents in three separate locations that their properties were scheduled for demolition, police said Friday. The suspect, […]


Bad News in the Blight Wars: Judge Rules Against City’s Most Effective Anti-Blight Program

Philadelphia has a novel and seemingly highly effective anti-blight law on the books known as the Doors & Windows ordinance. The law empowers the City […]


Yet Another Person Thinks L&I’s Commissioner Should Quit

After repeatedly bashing the Licenses & Inspection department over the past few months, Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz upped the ante Wednesday by calling for the head of the agency […]


Jim Kenney Would Hire a New Boss for L&I

No matter what the outcome of the mayoral race this fall, it looks like Philadelphia will be getting a new Licenses & Inspections chief in 2016. At about […]


L&I Buys Fake News Articles to Improve Image

Philadelphia’s Licenses & Inspections department has been under fire since what seems like the beginning of time. The department was created in 1951, and just one year […]


Philly Still Fighting With the Point Breeze Pop-Up Beer Garden

Philadelphia’s Licenses & Inspections department isn’t backing down from its brawl with the Point Breeze pop-up beer garden.


Point Breeze Pop-Up Closed by L&I, Confusion Reigns

The Point Breeze Pop-Up that brought a pop-up beer garden to a once vacant lot on Point Breeze Avenue was closed by Licenses and Inspections. The […]