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Jim Kenney Would Hire a New Boss for L&I

No matter what the outcome of the mayoral race this fall, it looks like Philadelphia will be getting a new Licenses & Inspections chief in 2016. At about […]


L&I Buys Fake News Articles to Improve Image

Philadelphia’s Licenses & Inspections department has been under fire since what seems like the beginning of time. The department was created in 1951, and just one year […]

City Life

Philly Still Fighting With the Point Breeze Pop-Up Beer Garden

Philadelphia’s Licenses & Inspections department isn’t backing down from its brawl with the Point Breeze pop-up beer garden.

City Life

ICandy Nightclub Faces L&I Violations

It isn’t the first time ICandy has run into troubles: Last November, we reported that the club faced a potential liquor license suspension for servicing […]


Point Breeze Pop-Up Closed by L&I, Confusion Reigns

The Point Breeze Pop-Up that brought a pop-up beer garden to a once vacant lot on Point Breeze Avenue was closed by Licenses and Inspections. The […]


The Brief: Mayor Nutter Rapped With The Roots in an Epic Performance

1. Mayor Michael Nutter performed “Rapper’s Delight” with The Roots at the Philly 4th of July Jam this weekend. The gist: You remember when Mayor Nutter did it at […]


Should the Parking Authority Have the Power to Ticket … Everything?

Democratic mayoral nominee Jim Kenney wants the Philadelphia Parking Authority to turn its hyper-vigilant gaze on construction sites, littering, illegally closed sidewalks and possibly an array […]


Report: L&I Allowed Uncertified Inspectors to Conduct 600 Inspections in One Week

Questionable goings-on in L&I land again? It depends on whom you ask. According to the Inquirer’s Alfred Lubrano, the Department of Licenses and Inspections allowed nine […]


The Brief: Michael Nutter’s “Historic” L&I Investment

Watchdogs have said for years that Philadelphia’s Licenses & Inspections department is dangerously underfunded. It was a victim of the recession, enduring cutbacks in staff under […]


Morning Headlines: How Did This Illegal Demolition in Fairmount Happen?

News of an illegal demolition having taken place on Poplar Street last spring has emerged, the Inquirer‘s Alfred Lubrano reports: Little more than a year after a botched demolition […]

City Life

Alan Butkovitz on L&I: “No Excuse for Putting Lives at Risk”

City Controller Alan Butkovitz has released another report critical of Philadelphia’s Licenses & Inspections department. The review, “Vacant Properties Creating Neighborhood Nuisances,” (below) says L&I is failing to hold […]

West Philly Building Collapse

Why Building Collapses Might Be More Likely in Winter

Rooftop view of @lululemon damage. Witness heard large crash RT @ErikaLynnes: #lululemon #roofcollapse #philly @6abc — Matt Simansky (@ActionNewsMatt) January 27, 2015 Last month’s […]


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Local: Mayor Nutter creates a board to check on post-building collapse reforms Politicians looove appointing commissions that issue recommendations. And they often seem to equally […]


Morning Headlines: Advisory Commission Sums Up What’s Wrong with L&I

Months after the botched demolition that left six people killed in the neighboring Salvation Army store, Mayor Michael Nutter signed an executive order that created […]

City Life

Panel Recommends L&I Be Split in Two

The Inquirer reports this morning that a “blue-ribbon panel” is recommending that the Department of Licenses & Inspections be split into two agencies — one focused […]