ICandy Nightclub Faces L&I Violations

According to the club's Facebook, "Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated."

It isn’t the first time ICandy has run into troubles: Last November, we reported that the club faced a potential liquor license suspension for servicing minors. In May 2014, a part of ICandy literally collapsed. Today, it seems like the establishment may have been served up another blow.


In a copy of a letter from L&I sent to DSD Entertainment that we’ve obtained, the city “conducted an inspection of the referenced premises and determined that it is [in] violation of the Philadelphia Code. As set out in the Code, those violations may pose a threat to the safety, health or welfare to the occupants or surrounding community and require immediate correction.”

The letter continues, “Due to the nature of the violations cited in the Notice of Violations of Case No. 483721, as referenced above, the Department issues this intent to cease operations, which will become effective 07/20/15. This is your final warning prior to the issuance of a Cease Operation.” I’ve included an image of the full letter below.

I spoke with L&I’s Chief of Staff Beth Grossman this afternoon who said that ICandy had not renewed their special assembly license since August 2013 and that they also had an expired food license. The facility was inspected twice in June, once on the 3rd and again on the 10th, and according to L&I records, the club did not have the appropriate licenses during both inspections. She also confirmed the cease operations date of 7/20/15 if the establishment does not rectify the violations.

Meanwhile, about an hour ago, ICandy made the following statement on their Facebook page:


Requests for comment from ICandy managment have not been returned.