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Kenney Releases Master Plan to Fight Climate Change in Philly

The city has released a new and improved plan to fight climate change. The Powering Our Future report, released this week, includes an ambitious master plan […]


Movies: The Return of the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival

Now in its second year, the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival, aka PHEFF, promises 34 eye-opening films over three days at Prince Theater. Documentaries of various […]


Philly Study: Cleaning Vacant Land Can Significantly Reduce Crime

File under: Reasons to make the city a little greener. A study conducted in Philadelphia by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health found that […]


Meet the Winners From the 2017 SustainPHL Awards

Dozens of local businesses and activists committed to sustainability in Philadelphia were recognized at Green Philly’s second annual SustainPHL awards on Thursday night. The event, hosted […]


These Businesses Are Nominees for the 2017 SustainPHL Awards

Though President Donald Trump recently announced his decision to pull the U.S. out of the landmark Paris climate deal, the decision hasn’t ruffled Philly businesses […]

Protesters march holding a 'Clean Energy Revolution' sign

Thousands March in Center City Against Fossil Fuels

Thousands marched from City Hall to Independence Mall today to call for a “clean energy revolution” — protesting fossil fuel extraction methods like fracking, pipeline projects […]


Drexel Study: Why Philly Should Use Rainwater to Flush Toilets

Purified water is wasted in toilet bowls, but flushing is the single largest source of water consumption in the U.S. Some researchers at Drexel University […]


Philly As Energy Hub? Not So Fast Says New Environmental Group

While many are arguing that Philadelphia can transform into an energy hub that takes advantage of cheap gas from the Marcellus Shale, a new environmental group […]


You Didn’t Imagine It: The Air Was Cleaner During the Pope’s Visit

Remember that time that Pope Francis came to Philadelphia for a weekend, and people took back the streets from cars, regularly broke out into song, and were a little nicer to each […]


How the Big Blue Bin Has Made Recycling Awfully Expensive

A recent story in the Washington Post headlined “American Recycling Is Stalling” sent a shockwave through environmentalist circles. America’s recycling business, once lucrative for both cities […]


How Philly is Trying to Fix Water Main-ia

Editor’s Note: Citified has retracted this story, which was based on a flawed assumption about water management infrastructure. Thanks to commenters William H Ross III […]


Sign of the Apocalypse? Flies Invade Lancaster County

It’s like something out of a movie: twice in the past five days, swarms of mayflies have shut down the Veterans Memorial Bridge over the […]


Fish Cancer Confirmed for First Time in Pennsylvania River

The grotesque image seen here is not a movie still from some awful Sharknado spinoff. It is a photograph of a smallmouth bass caught by a […]


Christie’s Exxon Deal Draws Critics

Remember last month when we told you that Jon Stewart was cranky over Gov. Chris Christie’s $225 million sweetheart deal with Exxon to resolve pollution […]


Does My Keurig Make Me a Bad Person?

Today’s question: Can you own a Keurig coffee maker and still be a good person? I’m asking for a friend.