These Businesses Are Nominees for the 2017 SustainPHL Awards

Winners in categories like “climate hero” and “business innovation” will be honored for raising the bar on environmental consciousness in Philadelphia.

SustainPHL award. Image via Twitter.

Though President Donald Trump recently announced his decision to pull the U.S. out of the landmark Paris climate deal, the decision hasn’t ruffled Philly businesses that continue to operate with an eye toward sustainability. And this year, local blog Green Philly will honor those businesses once again at its second annual SustainPHL Awards.

The awards ceremony launched last year to recognize businesses and community members who are tackling climate change and sustainability in simple but creative ways right here in Philadelphia. And according to Green Philly editor-in-chief Julie Hancher, now is the time more than ever to recognize enterprises with sustainable practices. “Consumers are responding to businesses that follow through on their socially conscious efforts,” Hancher told Philadelphia magazine. “That’s where consumers prefer to spend their money.”

And because one sector alone won’t solve climate change, Hancher said it’s important to show people that there is a mix of local corporations, nonprofits and individuals working toward supporting the environment. “Sustainability shouldn’t be difficult, and it shouldn’t be this huge challenge. With the awards we’re able to share easy ways for people and businesses to incorporate sustainability,” said Hancher

Nominees for the 2017 awards ceremony were named in nine different categories on Monday, from “impact business leader” and “neighborhood champion” to “business innovation” and “climate hero.” This year’s ceremony will take place on August 3. 

Here’s a complete list of this year’s SustainPHL nominees:

Activist of the Year
This nominee is promoting a sustainability cause and is an activist in his/her/their community by increasing visibility and awareness of sustainability initiatives to new & broader audiences.

  • Fossil Free Penn
  • Anna Shipp
  • Russell Zerbo

Business Innovation
This nominee is a for-profit company with a new and innovative product, solution or service.

  • OxiCool
  • Chester Arthur School/SALT Design Studio
  • AnneeLondon

Climate Hero
This nominee is combating climate change through communications and large-scale initiatives & programs. These initiatives and programs can dramatically improve sustainability (infrastructure, policy, restoration, research).

  • The Philadelphia Energy Authority
  • Jessica Franzini
  • Joan Blaustein

This nominee is propelling Philadelphia’s future in sustainability.

  • Greenworks
  • Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm
  • Delaware Valley Green Building Council

Impact Business Leader
These businesses are making an impact in our community, by employing community members as well as positively affecting our environment. Impact businesses are proof that for-profit enterprises can be stewards of social and environmental change, creating that triple-bottom line.

  • The GREEN Program
  • Sustrana
  • Mariposa Food Co-op

Neighborhood Champion
This nominee is making a difference on a micro level (neighborhood engagement, block captain, etc) and his/her/their efforts could be unrecognized.

  • Dennis Barnebey
  • Naida Elena Burgos
  • Seth Budick

Social Impact Award
This nominee has created impact beyond the conventional definition of sustainability by promoting communities to thrive both economically & sustainably and broadening the reach of sustainability to new communities that could have been neglected.

  • Tuesdays with Toomey
  • Abby Anderson
  • Michael Resnic

Sustainable Communities
This nominee is working to provide communities with equitable access to clean air & water, clean & open spaces, and energy-efficient resources, as well as protecting local wildlife & habitats.

  • Not in Philly
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
  • Soil Generation

Sustainability Mentor
This nominee is broadening the reach of sustainability education and/or deepening the knowledge within the community (to traditional and non-traditional students).

  • Ellen Schultz
  • Corrin Omowunmi
  • Lucas Hamilton
  • Rob Fleming

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