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my general tubman
City Life

You Need to See Philly Author Lorene Cary’s Play, My General Tubman, at the Arden

It has been almost 30 years since West Philadelphia-bred Lorene Cary made it onto the radar of the literary world thanks to Black Ice, a […]

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REVIEW: Arden’s Every Brilliant Thing is a Tour de Force for Scott Greer

Philadelphia audiences cannot get enough of Scott Greer. If you are already familiar, likely you don’t need my review, and you will already have tickets […]

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REVIEW: Arden’s A Doll’s House, Part 2 Leaves the Door Ajar

For nearly 150 years, one of theater’s most tantalizing mysteries has been what became of Nora Helmer. At the end of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s […]

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REVIEW: An Abundance of Riches in Arden Theatre’s Once

“You only live once… but if you do it right, once is enough.” Thus spake Mae West, who was of course really talking about sex. […]

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REVIEW: Fun Home at the Arden Theatre Is Family Drama Seen Up Close

I think of Fun Home as The Little Engine That Could musical. Based on a graphic memoir by lesbian cartoonist Alison Bechdel, the story—about growing up […]

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REVIEW: The Bluest Eye — From Page to Stage, Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The jump from page to the stage sounds so easy, right? So fluid, so natural. Yet Lydia R. Diamond’s conscientious but reductive stage adaptation of […]

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REVIEW: In Arden Theatre’s A Doll’s House, the Original Fjord Maverick

Meet Nora Helmer, the original fjord maverick. Tonight, she learns a life-altering truth: Any woman who depends on a man—to take the high road, to […]

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REVIEW: Arden’s Peter Pan, Reinvented in an American Campground

Peter Pan is one of the classic books of childhood, its greatness firmly established. You don’t need me to tell you that. But the older […]

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THEATER REVIEW: TouchTones, The Phone Sex Musical—Sorry, Wrong Number

Sometime between the Garden of Eden and Tinder, Grindr, and Ashley Madison, there was good old-fashioned phone sex. A few of us dinosaurs remember fondly […]

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In Arden Theatre’s Cabaret—Garter Belts, Nipples, and Oh, Yes… Nazis

Wilkommen back, Cabaret… though it seems you were only just here. Indeed, it’s been less than six months since the last tour docked briefly at […]

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THEATER REVIEW: Gypsy at the Arden—Here She Is, Boys!

Now that’s what I call a hit! Arden Theatre’s Gypsy was extended even before it opened, acknowledging that the combination of one of the greatest […]

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Arts List: 5 Reasons to Go to the Theater

John @ Arden Theatre Company| Through February 26 Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Annie Baker’s John follows a young couple from Brooklyn on a weekend trip to […]

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THEATER REVIEW: The Legend of Georgia McBride at the Arden is Drag 101

Can an edgy, cult art form be reimagined for mainstream audiences? Should it be? I pondered this while watching The Legend of Georgia McBride, Matthew Lopez’s middle-of-the-road comedy […]

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Drag Queens Take Center Stage at the Arden in The Legend of Georgia McBride

Unless you’re immersed in the Philly theater scene, you probably know Dito van Reigersberg only as Martha Graham Cracker, a hirsute drag queen with an […]

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Arts List: 6 Reasons to Go to the Theater

The Plough and the Stars @ Annenberg Center’s Zellerbach Theatre | October 13-16 Abbey Theatre’s revival of The Plough and the Stars, set during Ireland’s […]