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An Architecture Critic Ranks the Five Most Interesting Buildings in Philadelphia

One virtue of an old city like Philadelphia: It contains centuries’ worth of impressive buildings. Independence Hall. City Hall. The Art Museum … whether because […]

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A Look Inside Temple’s New $175 Million Charles Library

When it came to planning the new Charles Library at Temple University, there was a particular problem Joe Lucia, the school’s dean of libraries, had to […]


Could Philly’s Skyline Have Timber in Its Future?

When you were a child, did you always want a treehouse to play in? Now that you’re a grown-up, you might actually be able to […]


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Lovers of Design

Each year, publishers release dozens of hefty tomes full of eye-popping photographs of striking new buildings and drop-dead-gorgeous interiors. In addition to keeping your coffee […]


We Built This City: The Know-It-All Guide to Philadelphia Architecture

Philly’s 8 Most Important Buildings for Architecture And why they play a role in Philly’s architectural history. Read more » Past and Present: Philadelphia’s All-Star Architects […]


Was There Really a “Philadelphia School of Architecture”?

So, what is the “Philadelphia School”? J.T.: Writings about Philadelphia architecture allude to it as a loose collection of prolific architects who happened to be in […]


Get Your Arch On: How to Become a Philly Architecture Expert

1. In the warmer months, the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia hosts niche walking tours with titles like “Art Deco” and “Littlest Streets East of Broad.” 


The 8 Most Important Buildings in Philadelphia

» See Also: The Know-It-All-Guide to Philly Architecture Published as “8 Big-Deal Buildings” in the November 2017 issue of Philadelphia magazine.


Philadelphia’s All-Star Architects

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Louis Kahn Exhibition Opens This Week

Architect Louis Kahn — the subject of a major retrospective at Fabric Workshop and Museum — was as enigmatic as he was distinctive. Born in […]


A Room of One’s Own

Open-plan main floors have been so popular for so long with both builders and buyers that anything else is hard to find — at least, […]


How Philly Can Avoid a Skyline of Bland, Boxy High-Rises

As one of the city’s most accomplished architects, Cecil Baker has set the pace for modern living spaces for 35 years. (He’s the brains behind […]

Union League steps - railing destroyed - CBS 3 cameraman filming

Vandal Destroys Union League Steps Overnight [UPDATED]

UPDATE 10/25: Police just released surveillance footage of the suspect. Click here to see the video. ORIGINAL: An apparent brass thief destroyed part of the […]


Jawdropper of the Week: A Renovated Beauty in Roxborough

This week’s Jawdropper is defined by the views it offers, both inside and out. Everywhere you turn you can find a breathtaking sight, be it […]

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High Art: Q&A with Rooftopping Photographer Christopher Olstein

Most of us spend our days looking up at the skyline of Philadelphia, but what if we could get on top of some of the […]