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An Architecture Critic Ranks the Five Most Interesting Buildings in Philadelphia

One virtue of an old city like Philadelphia: It contains centuries’ worth of impressive buildings. Independence Hall. City Hall. The Art Museum … whether because […]

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A Look Inside Temple’s New $175 Million Charles Library

When it came to planning the new Charles Library at Temple University, there was a particular problem Joe Lucia, the school’s dean of libraries, had to […]


Could Philly’s Skyline Have Timber in Its Future?

When you were a child, did you always want a treehouse to play in? Now that you’re a grown-up, you might actually be able to […]


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Lovers of Design

Each year, publishers release dozens of hefty tomes full of eye-popping photographs of striking new buildings and drop-dead-gorgeous interiors. In addition to keeping your coffee […]


We Built This City: The Know-It-All Guide to Philadelphia Architecture

Philly’s 8 Most Important Buildings for Architecture And why they play a role in Philly’s architectural history. Read more » Past and Present: Philadelphia’s All-Star Architects […]


Was There Really a “Philadelphia School of Architecture”?

So, what is the “Philadelphia School”? J.T.: Writings about Philadelphia architecture allude to it as a loose collection of prolific architects who happened to be in […]


Get Your Arch On: How to Become a Philly Architecture Expert

1. In the warmer months, the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia hosts niche walking tours with titles like “Art Deco” and “Littlest Streets East of Broad.” 


Philadelphia’s All-Star Architects

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Louis Kahn Exhibition Opens This Week

Architect Louis Kahn — the subject of a major retrospective at Fabric Workshop and Museum — was as enigmatic as he was distinctive. Born in […]


A Room of One’s Own

Open-plan main floors have been so popular for so long with both builders and buyers that anything else is hard to find — at least, […]


How Philly Can Avoid a Skyline of Bland, Boxy High-Rises

As one of the city’s most accomplished architects, Cecil Baker has set the pace for modern living spaces for 35 years. (He’s the brains behind […]

Union League steps - railing destroyed - CBS 3 cameraman filming

Vandal Destroys Union League Steps Overnight [UPDATED]

UPDATE 10/25: Police just released surveillance footage of the suspect. Click here to see the video. ORIGINAL: An apparent brass thief destroyed part of the […]


Jawdropper of the Week: A Renovated Beauty in Roxborough

This week’s Jawdropper is defined by the views it offers, both inside and out. Everywhere you turn you can find a breathtaking sight, be it […]

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High Art: Q&A with Rooftopping Photographer Christopher Olstein

Most of us spend our days looking up at the skyline of Philadelphia, but what if we could get on top of some of the […]


Spotted: Philly’s Cityscape Captured Through Paper Sculptures

A photo posted by Drew Leshko (@drewleshko) on Jun 16, 2015 at 4:33am PDT Philadelphia-based artist Drew Leshko is doing something really cool. Using paper […]