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In 2019, we decided to do some reveals for you: how the people behind our city’s most stylish weddings handled getting hitched themselves. We shared “Real Talk,” first-person stories from Philly wedding professionals about their own wedding days. They dished on the behind-the-scenes dirt and things they wish they’d done. (You can see a bunch of them linked below.)

To get behind-the-scenes of planning Philly weddings, we answered questions like: What does a wedding budget look like for someone who deals with other people’s budgets for a living? Is a small destination wedding cheaper than one in Philly? How does the owner of a bridal salon go about picking out her gown?

You guys liked it so much, that we started branching it out to Philadelphians getting married, like this woman whose mom handmade her wedding dress, and countless couples whose weddings were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Our goal? To continue to cut through the B.S. to give you honest answers and ideas from real weddings in Philadelphia.

In short, we want your wedding stories. What’s the craziest thing you did when you were wedding planning? Did you and your partner overcome incredible odds to have your wedding? What did you learn that you wish you knew when you started? What is your biggest regret about the planning process? What cool thing did you do that made your wedding stand out — did you host an after-party at a bar after the reception and invite every friend you’ve ever had even if they didn’t make the wedding? Did you invite all the guests to sing karaoke? Did you forgo a classic wedding element and wish you kept it?

Think you have a great emotional, funny, or informative wedding story? E-mail Kristen Schott at kschott@phillymag.com with the subject line “Wedding Real Talk Pitch” and you could be featured on our website!

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