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October 2018 Issue


City Life

Other Cities Are Syncing Up Elections. Philly Should, Too.

The no-brainer way to juice voter turnout.

City Life

Kurt Vile Loves His Country

The Philly rocker on outrunning the Parking Authority and his latest collection of jams.

City Life

Can Philly Get a Lesbian Bar? Please?

Five years after Sisters closed, the city still has no club for queer women. That’s got to change.


Life & Style

Philly Is Kind of Obsessed with Tarot Cards and Astrology Right Now

This is how tarot circles and “Hey, what’s your sign?” went from creepy to cool in Philly.

Life & Style

3 New Boutiques to Shop, Plus the Latest Shopping and Beauty News

Everything you need to know about Philly’s hottest trends and designers.

Life & Style

Habitat: This Is a Restaurant

Louie Louie’s designer is proving that eateries can be fun again.


Will High-Rise Independent Living Communities be the Next Big Thing in Philly?

Philly’s wealthy boomers want to grow old where they live. Can upscale high-rise independent living communities be the answer?

Life & Style

The Look: Free as Folk

Yup, everything old is new again — Philly’s autumn streetwear scene is rife with ’60s-inspired textiles and earthy multi-hued knits.

Life & Style

We’re Totally Coveting These Diamond Apple Watch Bracelets

We haven’t seen anything like these before!

Things to Do

The Jaunt: Weekending in the Wharf

What to do, eat, and more in D.C.’s hottest neighborhood.

Life & Style

Connoisseur: Alex Gushner’s Favorite Things

The fourth-generation Boyds heir and men’s buyer dishes on the new $10M renovation, his scouting trips to Italy, and all the stuff he can’t live without.