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I Love My Job: Chuck Peruto

In this week’s edition of I Love My Job, we talk to high-profile Philly lawyer Chuck Peruto, who has defended deranged murderers, mafioso-types, and certain […]

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Ask the Expert: Is There a Way to Look Skilled During Our First Dance Without Taking a Ton of Lessons?

Question: We’re interested in looking somewhat skilled and doing more than swaying for our first dance—but not in eight weeks of ballroom lessons or a […]

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Ask the Expert: Why Do Some Wedding Venues Have a Facility Fee and Others Don’t?

Question: Some venues have a “facility fee” in addition to a price-per-person cost for catering, while others just have the catering cost. Why?

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Ask the Expert: How Soon After My Wedding Should I Preserve My Bouquet?

Question: I want to preserve my bouquet, but do I need to get it to the preserver before we leave on our honeymoon? Or can […]

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Ask the Expert: How Soon is Too Soon to Start Dress Shopping?

Question: I just got engaged and can’t wait to start shopping for my wedding dress. Brides are always being told that you shouldn’t wait until the last […]

Kids at wedding
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Ask the Expert: What Job Can Kids Do at My Wedding Besides Be a Flower Girl Or Ring Bearer?

Q: My fiancé and I have chosen our flower girl and ring bearer for our wedding, but we have a few other tots we’d like […]

Summer Bride Beauty Makeup
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8 Sweat-Proof Makeup Products for Your Summer Wedding

In case the weather the past two weeks—and your gross-feeling, refusing-to-stay-put makeup—has got you worrying about your upcoming wedding (and pre-wedding parties) still on this […]

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Ask the Expert: How Do We Communicate to Our Guests That There Are No Table Assignments?

Q: Our reception is going to be laid-back, with no formal sit-down dinner, so we aren’t going to do table assignments. How do we communicate […]

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You Know Someone Can’t Come to Your Wedding. Should You Send Them An Invitation Anyway?

I have a comfy blue chair in my office that colleagues sit in for all sorts of reasons and for all lengths of time—and it is […]

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Ask the Expert: Should We Host a Post-Wedding Brunch?

Question: My fiancé and I can’t decide if a brunch the day after our wedding is something we should do or not. Help!

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Ask the Expert: Should We Provide Hotel Transportation for Our Destination Wedding Guests?

Question: We’re having a destination wedding and our guests are arriving on about three different days, at different times. Are we responsible for providing transportation from […]

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PHOTOS: 10 Handheld Fans to Keep Guests Cool at Your Summer Wedding

‘Tis the season of warm weather weddings, and while sunny outdoor ceremonies are as lovely as can be, having your beloved guests melt out in the sweltering […]

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Ask the Expert: I Want Really Simple Centerpieces For My Wedding—Should I Just Do Them Myself?

Question: I’d like my wedding-day centerpieces to be really simple—I’m pretty much just picturing lots of bunches of babies breath. Is it annoying for a florist to […]

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Ask the Expert: How Do I Coordinate All of My Vendors When I Don’t Have a Wedding Planner?

Question: I don’t have a wedding planner. What’s the best way to coordinate everything my vendors are doing (and connect them with each other) on […]

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Ask the Expert: How Can We Make Sure We Get Alone Time After the Ceremony?

Question: My fiancé and I would like to have some alone time after the ceremony to enjoy the moment just the two of us. How can […]