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City Life

Defending Bill Cosby Does Nothing to Protect Black Men

On Tuesday afternoon, I, like the rest of America, was on the edge of my seat awaiting the conclusion of Bill Cosby’s sentencing hearing. After […]

City Life

Why Philly’s Marketing Gurus Will Never Give Up the Cheesesteak (or Rocky)

A while back, Saab ran a commercial that said, “People will always want to be somewhere else.” That’s the motivation for travel. But being somewhere […]

City Life

“W. Wilson Goode, Sr. Way” Is Another Rizzo Statue in the Making

On Friday, locals will gather on the 2400 block of North 59th Street to celebrate its transformation into W. Wilson Goode Sr. Way, a City Council–approved […]

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City Life

The Mayor, the Rapist, and the Fear of the Sanctuary City

Last week, Mayor Jim Kenney became Public Enemy Number One of the anti-sanctuary city alt-right, Fox News, columnists like Stu Bykofsky, and even some generally […]

City Life

Kenney Must Be Dizzy From All the 180-Degree Turns He’s Pulling

“What the hell is going on in City Hall?” I yelled at my laptop last week. Like many socially conscious residents of the city, I […]

City Life

Schools, Stop Removing the Names of Racists From Your Campuses

Last week, after Bryn Mawr College decided to rename some of its spaces that were named for one of its founders, a white supremacist, Philly […]

City Life

The Real Trouble With Trigger Warnings

Trigger warning: The op-ed you’re about to read might make you feel uncomfortable about your privilege, upset at the troublesome society we live in, and […]

City Life

I Could Have Been Michael White

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this column incorrectly stated that Michael White does not have a criminal record. According to court records, he was […]

City Life

How the “Stand With Meek Mill” Movement Got Hijacked

What had the potential to become a powerful disruption to our justice system has become an all-star farce. On Monday, as fans and organizers united […]

City Life

I Went to See Aunt Mary Pat Last Night. This Isn’t What Philly Drag Should Be.

This commentary has been updated. If Roseanne Barr were to perform in Fishtown, I suspect she would draw the same type of audience who showed up […]

City Life

There She Isn’t: Miss America Won’t Survive Loss of Swimsuit Competition

Hosting a Miss America contest without the swimsuit competition seems a bit like hosting a sack race without the sacks. I mean, the entire enterprise […]

City Life

Think the Supreme Court Cake Ruling Is Bad? In Pa., It’s So Much Worse

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court disrupted what was beginning to be a joyful LGBTQ Pride month. In a 7-2 decision, the nation’s highest court […]

City Life

Forget Starbucks Training Day: Here’s How We’ll Really Tackle Racial Bias

This Tuesday is “5/29” — the tag mega-retailer Starbucks is using for its one-day attempt to address racial bias in its workplaces. The company is closing […]

City Life

Why Isn’t Philly Ready to Elect a Radically Progressive Black Candidate?

For the last two primary election cycles, I’ve felt conflicted over the victories of progressive candidates. In one sense, I’ve become more optimistic about the future of […]


Is 1 Million Cups Really What Philly’s Startup Community Needs Right Now?

Beginning next Wednesday, Philadelphia’s startup community will (somewhat) be trying something new. The city’s Department of Commerce has signed up for the national 1 Million […]