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The Killing of Walter Wallace Jr. Is the Assassination of Philadelphia As We Knew It

It finally happened: The world is now watching Philadelphia after a video of a Black man being killed by law enforcement went viral. On Monday […]

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The 5 Things Philly Democrats Need to Do in the Final Week Before Election Day

It’s finally here: the last week of an unprecedented presidential election cycle. After months of mudslinging, some very unhinged televised debates, and a bizarre series […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: One More Trump Campaign Lie Bites the Dust

Under holiday-appropriate immigration policy ghoul Stephen Miller, the Trump administration has been busily chattering about how “sanctuary city” policies like the one enacted in Philly by […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Robeson’s Richard Gordon Is the Best Principal in All the Land!

Back in 2013, the Philadelphia School District was planning on shuttering West Philly’s Paul Robeson High School for Human Services. The all-city-admission school, housed in […]

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If You’re Not Voting in This Election, Yes, I’m Judging You

With less than a month before the general election, I have to admit that I’m getting pretty damn nervous. Each week, there’s a new diabolical […]

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When You’re Rowhome Parenting in a Pandemic, Everyone Can Hear You Shouting

One of the things I generally appreciate about living in a rowhome is the sense that I’m never truly alone. I mean this in a […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Joe Biden Quotes the Sixers’ New Coach

It wasn’t four score and seven years ago that the Sixers named a new head coach — it was only a week ago, actually. But […]

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When the World Around Me Moves Too Fast, I Look Up

Welcome to Ritual, Be Well Philly’s column of essays about the low-tech, inefficient things we do that pleasurably slow us down. From taking the long […]


We’ve Entered the Guy-Fieri-Opening-Restaurants-in-Philly Circle of Hell

Guy Fieri opening a restaurant in Philly was always an inescapable reality, I’m afraid. Dude’s too prolific a restaurateur, opening over 60 restaurants in casinos […]

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“Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia” Is the Stupidest Thing We’ve Rallied Behind in Years

I am usually here for a great Philly clap back, because they are often exceptionally massive with purpose. Like when we recently came together en […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: “Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia”

These haven’t been the easiest of times in the City of Brotherly Love. There’s the, um, Carson Wentz problem. The Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons […]

Be Well Philly

I’m Running the Broad Street 10-Miler This Weekend. But I Already Got my Medal.

If you’re a runner in Philly, the Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run is one of the best days of the year. The race is […]

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Do Democrats Want to Be Right, Or Do They Want to Win?

This week, we’ll hit the less-than-30-days mark before Election Day 2020 — and it’s starting to feel like 2016 all over again. On October 7th, […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Buh-Bye, Summer From Hell

The crop is in!! — Not4Nothing (@fbonn2000) June 21, 2020   Happy autumnal equinox, the date this time of year on which day and night […]

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The Problem With “Feed Fatigue” and Other Excuses White People Make for Remaining Racist

At the start of the summer, white people’s interest in Black Lives Matter grew during the George Floyd protests. But I didn’t believe them. As we […]