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76 place analysis arena rendering

Here They Come: Why the New Sixers Arena Could Be a Huge Win for the Team and the City

Note: This story has been updated to note opposition to this proposed project from members of the Chinatown community. This morning, the Sixers took the […]

jim kenney, the worst of philly
City Life

It’s Official: We’re Giving Mayor Kenney a Worst of Philly Award

Our Best of Philly issue comes out in August, as it has every year since 1974. In a handful of those years, we’ve included a […]

City Life

Celebrating Independence Day After Roe Was Overturned Feels Hollow

I’ve never been much of a July 4th stan. As I’ve become older and more informed, this holiday has become increasingly irrelevant for someone like […]

City Life

Overturning of Roe v. Wade Is a Reminder That We Aren’t a True Democracy

Last week’s landmark overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court should be a shock to no one. Threats to end abortion rights have […]

City Life

The Philadelphian’s Case for Being a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

I barely knew Philadelphia when I moved here in 2007, but within weeks of settling in, I was inviting everyone I knew from my past […]

City Life

If Philly Democrats Actually Care About Democracy, They’ll Make This One Simple Change

It’s hard to watch the ongoing January 6th committee hearings into the attack on democracy at our nation’s Capitol and not be a little concerned […]

City Life

Hot Fat Summer: An Ode to Beach Bodies at Every Shape and Size

There’s a moment that’s always hard for me but has gotten easier over time, and that moment is standing on the beach or at the […]

City Life

Philadelphia Has a Real Chance to Improve Gun Control. Our Leaders Must Fight for It Like They Fought for the Soda Tax

A typical weekend in Philadelphia has now become one that, sadly, ends with a recap of fatal shootings. This past weekend was no exception, as […]

City Life

Confessions of a Jaded Millennial

The first time I was eligible to cast a vote for president, I cast it for a Black man. It was 2012, and  mine was […]

City Life

What the Uvalde, Buffalo and Even Philly Shootings Have in Common

I’m not going to lie — it feels exhausting to have to write this. Last week, 10 Black people were murdered by an armed gunman […]

City Life

The Philadelphia Democratic Establishment Has Officially Lost Its Mojo

If this year’s Democratic primary cycle taught us anything, it’s that the city’s political machine is in trouble. In what felt like a reformation, progressives […]

City Life

Mandate or No Mandate, I’m Still Wearing a Mask — for My Own Damn Health

It finally happened: One of my best friends lost their “COVID-19 virginity” over the weekend. After over two years of not knowingly contracting any coronavirus […]

City Life

Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Conor Lamb Is Running Like a Republican

The Democratic primary for U.S. Senate is heating up, and it’s shaping up as a race between two progressives — namely, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman […]

City Life

Councilmember Cherelle Parker’s Plan to Fund the Police Is Wasteful and Regressive

As we get closer to next year’s open mayoral primary, it’s no surprise to see some Democratic hopefuls jockeying for position ahead of the city’s […]

City Life

Will Smith Went West Philly on Chris Rock — As He Should Have

Bad things happen in Philadelphia, and they can apparently happen at the Oscars as well. During Sunday night’s live broadcast of the 94th Academy Awards, […]