6 HIIT Workouts Around Philadelphia That You Need to Try

Here's where to find six kick-butt HIIT workouts here in Philly for those times when you *really* want to get your heart rate up.

hiit workouts f45 training

F45 Training challenges participants to 45-minute HIIT workouts. (Photo courtesy of F45 Training)

While it may feel like we’re in the midst of a yoga and spinning boom here in Philly, there’s another trending workout style that’s quietly found its way into pretty much every style of sweat session. Yes, my friend, we’re talking about HIIT workouts — high intensity interval training.

It’s really no surprise that tons of gyms are getting in on this workout format. The workouts — which require short bursts of extreme effort — have been shown to improve everything from your metabolism to your ability to shed body fat. Plus, since the high-intensity style can be adopted for really any workout, it makes it a smart addition to everything from barre classes to treadmill workouts.

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of six different high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts in Philadelphia for you, based off of your current favorite workouts like spin, running, and barre. Tap into these workouts when you’re in need of a workout that will kick you in the pants, HIIT workout-style.

If you like barre …

Try: HIIT the Y2Barre at Y2BFit
Where: 7101 Emlen Street, Mt. Airy
Price for a single class: $18

Rightfully dubbed a class that will take you out of your comfort zone, this HIIT-infused barre class takes the shakes, burns, and tiny pulses of a barre to the next level. Fast-paced moves like burpees and mountain climbers with your feet on sliding disks off the barre make your work on the barre so much more challenging.

If you like to spin …

Try: SoulActivate (or SoulSurvivor) at SoulCycle
Where: Rittenhouse, Ardmore
Price for a single class: $30

SoulCycle recently hit the refresh button on their class offerings, and SoulActivate and SoulSurvivor are proof of just that. These HIIT and strength-focused classes mix intense sprints and a killer set of arms with the traditional fun, rhythmic and challenging riding SoulCycle is known for. SoulActivate is the 45-minute version of the HIIT class, while SoulSurvivor is the hourlong class.

If you like to run …

Try: Full Body at RippedPHL
Where: 1519 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse
Price for a single class: $25

Spend 45 minutes alternating between Ripped’s state-of-the-art, joint-health-friendly Woodway treadmills and the floor, where you’ll focus on strength training. Both aspects of class utilize interval training to the fullest with scheduled sprints in your runs and burnouts on the weight floor.

If you like yoga …

Try: It’s LIIT at Lumos Yoga and Barre
Where: 2001 Green Street, Fairmount
Price for a single class: $17

Lumos Yoga and Barre is Fairmount’s hip new yoga and barre studio, but their signature LIIT class kicks up the pace. This HIIT workout utilizes body weight and resistance training methods for muscle toning and strengthening, a great way to mix up your regularly scheduled yoga flows and barre classes at Lumos.

If you like traditional HIIT workouts …

Try: F45 Training
Where: Bryn Mawr, Richboro
Price for a single class: $25 however, your first class and first week are free.

Ranking as the most literal form of HIIT workouts on this list, F45 Training utilizes multiple stations per class that feature a screen that demonstrates the move you’re to be doing while counting down your 20-seconds on, 10-seconds off, Tabata-style workout. So, needless to say, every second of this 45-minute workout will be accounted for and sweat-filled.

If you like using machines …

Try: Tornado at Orangetheory Fitness
Where: Rittenhouse, Northern Liberties, Cherry Hill, Ardmore
Price for a single class: Your first 60-minute workout is free, but after that it’s $30 for a drop-in.

Spend specific time blocks on three different stations during these 60-minute HIIT workouts, including treadmills, rowing machines, and weights. Give your all to each station while hooked up to a heart rate monitor — which ideally helps you stay in a target heart rate zone to boost metabolism and increase energy — that shows your stats on a leaderboard during class.

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