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Victor Fiorillo

Senior Reporter at Philadelphia Magazine

queen elizabeth in philadelphia with frank rizzo
City Life

Philly Today: Local TV Outlets Have Officially Gone Queen Elizabeth Crazy

Plus, Wegmans ditches plastic, some Eagles and Phils news, and more of what the city is (or should be) talking about.

the hustler hollywood sex shop in northern libertie
City Life

Can a Sex Shop Just Open In Your Neighborhood Without Permission?

NoLibs residents want to know now that Hustler Hollywood is invading their space. The answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

one photo of the merriam-webster dictionary, whose new word list does not include the word jawn, and another of john fetterman
City Life

Philly Today: Merriam-Webster’s New Word List Is an Insult to the City

Plus: Fetterman to debate Oz. And more of what the city is (or should be) talking about.

a peta billboard against cheesesteaks has appeared near pat's and geno's in philadelphia
City Life

Philly Today: PETA Trolls Pat’s and Geno’s, a Shoplifting Surge, and Pricey Eagles Tickets

Plus more of what the city is talking about.

bad bunny at made in america and maria quinones sanchez
City Life

Philly Today: Maria Resigns, Bad Bunny Tips $50,000, and New Soda Tax Research

Plus more of what the city is talking about.

a parking meter in Upper Darby that accepts pennies for quarters
City Life

In Rare Win for Drivers, Numerous Delco Parking Meters Think Pennies Are Quarters

Now if we could only get PPA meters to do the same.

City Life

Helen Gym Is Ready for Battle Over Roe, the Sixers and More

The current city councilmember and potential mayoral candidate talks abortion, authoritarianism and Abbott Elementary.

City Life

Getting a Gun Permit in Philadelphia Might Be the Easiest Service the City Provides

The Philadelphia Police Department approved my application to carry a concealed firearm in less than a day. I had to provide references, but nobody contacted them. Easy peasy.

jawn morgan joins the ranks of worst of philly winners, along with pete rose and the melrose diner
City Life

The Worst of Philly 2022: From Jawn Morgan to Pete Rose to Wawa Soft Pretzels

The 20 people, places and, yes, Wawa menu items that made us utterly cringe

City Life

From the Main Line to A League of Their Own: An Interview With Abbi Jacobson

The comic actor talks suburban diners, pandemic loneliness, and driving really, really fast.

Mark Zuckerberg, whose companies Meta, Facebook and Instagram are being sued alleging they cause addiction and injuries like eating disorders and depression, testifying before Congress in 2019
City Life

Philly Woman Slams Facebook and Instagram in New Lawsuit, Claiming They Harmed Her

She says she became addicted to the platforms as a minor and that her interactions on them led to depression and an eating disorder, among other conditions.

roger waters of pink floyd fame as seen on his 2022 This Is Not a Drill tour
Things to Do

Roger Waters, Reviewed: Pink Floyd, Crazy Lights, and Lots and Lots of Politics

Definitely not a show for people who say, “Can you just shut up and play your damn music?”

City Life

Kevin Bacon on Cheesesteaks, Playing Villains, and “Six Degrees”

The “professional pretender” talks about playing vile characters, as he does in Showtime’s new season of City on a Hill.

City Life

Philly Massage Therapist Booking Appointments Despite Sexual Assault Charge, Suspended License

A state official has called Eric Elliott an “immediate and clear danger to the public health and safety.” And yet, he’s still practicing.

City Life

Ryan Long on His Best of Philly Picks, His Wawa Order, and the Eagles

Philly’s winningest Jeopardy contestant shares his gripe with the Rocky statue and the person he’s a little scared to face in the Tournament of Champions.