The Many Reasons to Buy a Beach House in Sea Isle

Why buy a beach house in Sea Isle City

Sandwiched between Ocean City and Avalon, Sea Isle City has been a popular summertime destination for families and young professionals since its founding in 1882 by Charles K. Landis (also the founder of Vineland, NJ).

While its population explodes in the summer season, Sea Isle offers plenty of reasons to come year round. Looking for a reason to buy a beach house in Sea Isle? We’ll get you started with five:

1. Uncle Oogies. Sure, Uncle Oogies has a location in Philly now, but nothing tastes better than eating pizza from this local favorite on the beach—to which Oogies will deliver. One bite of the Old Italian and you to will be hooked.

2.  Gillian’s Funland. Unlike some towns, which have their amusements located on the bustling boardwalk, Sea Isle’s rides are found just over the bridge, meaning it’s a lower key (read: quieter) experience, perfect for parents with smaller kids.

3. Biking or Rollerblading on the Promenade. Sea Isle’s “boardwalk” is actually paved, meaning riding or in-line skating on it is a smooth experience. During the week in the summer, biking/skating hours are 5 a.m. -3 p.m., and on the weekends, 5 a.m.-noon.

4. The Playground at Dealy Field. Head to Central Ave. between 59th and 63rd sts. early in the morning, and you’ll find plenty of kids running around the massive “Play-by-the-Bay” playground. Older kids can also enjoy the Skate Park, sports field and tennis courts.

5. The beaches. It’s kind of a given that one of the biggest draws to a beach town is the beach. Sea Isle is no exception, with it’s large, beautiful sandy stretches.

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Taylor Swift to Jersey Shore: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Remember last summer, when the Twitterverse was abuzz with rumors that Taylor Swift was buying a home in Sea Isle City, New Jersey? A house that looked like this (below)?

taylor swift house

The house everyone thought Taylor Swift was building in Sea Isle.

That was cute. As though she was going to bring John Mayer or whoever to the Sea Isle promenade and get a slice. Ridic.

In fact, when Taylor does beach houses, she goes upscale and boyfriend. From Vanity Fair:

In response to the rumors that Swift was looking to buy a house next to the home of her then boyfriend Conor Kennedy’s family in Hyannis Port, Swift tells Sales, “People say that about me, that I apparently buy houses near every boy I like—that’s a thing that I apparently do. If I like you I will apparently buy up the real-estate market just to freak you out so you leave me.”

Which is apparently what happened last summer, because she did actually buy the house ($4.8 million) and they did actually split up.

But this summer Taylor is looking at other beach houses–not in Sea Isle, but in Rhode Island. Witness the Harkness House for $24 million, an oceanfront estate that’s rather more extravagant than anything our little slice of Jersey heaven could offer, as seen below:

Spectacular Oceanfront Estate-3

Spectacular Oceanfront Estate-2

Spectacular Oceanfront Estate-1

But WAIT! The home was designed by a Philadelphia architect. See? Taylor still has a little place in heart for us after all.

Listing: Spectacular Oceanfront Estate [Seaboard Properties]

Cherry Vodka, Beer Muscles, and the Apparent Ordinariness of Public Chair Sex: What It’s Really Like To Be A Jersey Shore Bartender

[Photo: Ryan Donnell]

We’ve heard all the stories. Sex in the bathrooms. Drinks thrown in the face. Hair pulling. Ass grabbing. Bottles breaking. Basically, it sounds like there ain’t no party like a Jersey Shore party. So we decided to check in with 28-year old bartender Ryan Albany, who has been pouring shots at Sea Isle’s Ocean Drive (aka The OD) for five years, to see if the stories were true. Read more »