The Stanley Cup Is in Sea Isle City Today

Huge lines of what were presumably Flyers fans waiting to see the Cup when Los Angeles Kings assistant coach John Stevens brought it to Sea Isle City.

Everyone on the club that wins the Stanley Cup gets his day with the Cup. And today Los Angeles Kings assistant coach John Stevens — who both played for and coached the Flyers and the Phantoms — did the most logical thing he could do with it: He took it to Sea Isle City!

Stevens, who has won two Cups as an assistant with the Kings, owns a home in the area. “We could not be more excited that Coach Stevens offered to bring the cup to Sea Isle City,” Sea Isle mayor Leonard Desiderio said in a release. “I realize this is officially Flyers Country, but I’m sure everyone will agree that it’s quite an honor to have the Stanley Cup visit our community.”

Here’s a photo of Philly Mag staffer Mary Loftus’s family getting to touch the Cup:


From left: Christine, Jimmy, Maddie and Jim Hayes.

The 700 Level noted the line to visit the Cup — which the Flyers last won in 1975 — was incredibly long.

Stevens was just doing a nice thing for fans in the area, but it has to sting a little for Flyers fans. It was even in Philadelphia yesterday!

“The Stanley Cup has arrived in our area, and it hurts,” Broad Street Hockey wrote.