Trump Plaza Has Officially Closed

The end came for Trump Plaza this morning.

As expected, the Atlantic City casino shut down its gambling operations shortly before 6 a.m. — reducing the total number of casinos in town to eight; Atlantic City started 2014 with 12 casinos.
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Bidder for Revel: If My Plan Doesn’t Work, We’ll Blow Up the Building


Photo | Dan McQuade

Yesterday, we told you about the Florida bidder offering $90 million for Revel. Now, we have more information on Glenn E. Straub’s plans for the gorgeous, shuttered, $2.4 billion casino.

Straub has purchased “distressed” properties for the last 20 years, and the Revel is his latest project. Atlantic City’s mayor said he expected the property to go for $25 to $50 million eventually — so this $90 million is quite the premium. Then again, a $90 million purchase is about 96 percent off the original price.

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Donald Trump May Rescue the Trump Casinos in Atlantic City


It has been years since Donald Trump was actively involved with the Atlantic City casinos that bear his name. He resigned as chairman of the casinos in 2009 and recently sued to get “Trump” off of their decrepit, dying shells. But now, with Trump Plaza closing in a week and the Trump Taj Mahal not far behind, it looks like the controversial tycoon may be ready to dust them off and make another go of it. Read more »

Men Are (Still) Pigs


Oh, that’s right: Men are pigs.

Forgive a little bit of gender-based self-loathing. (And please, denizens of the Men’s Rights Twittersphere, please spare me your inevitable cries of “misandry!” Your whining undermines your claims to machismo.) But the news has been replete with examples lately of why feminism exists — and is needed — and why we men still need a few lessons in how to treat all people with a little more respect.

Just to pluck two examples from our local headlines:

• Monday, of course, brought us the TMZ video of Ray Rice knocking his fiancée unconscious last winter at the Revel Casino.

• And last week we heard about the good ol’ boys in then-Attorney General Tom Corbett’s office trading dirty emails and creating enough of a frat house atmosphere that the office had to pay out a $15,000 settlement to a female agent who felt discriminated against because she wouldn’t play along. Corbett has said he found out about the emails only after he became governor.

But jeepers, what is this, 1960?

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10 Most Unrecommended Concerts this Season, Ranked

Erasure performs at the Borgata on September 26th.

Erasure performs at the Borgata on September 26th.

10 “Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions”
Mann Center, 9/19
Literally, the music of Pokémon.

9 The Eagles
PPL Center, 9/12
In case you haven’t already heard “Hotel California” 1,000 too many times.

Borgata, 9/26
We loved Erasure …  in 1985.

7 Disco Biscuits’ City Bisco
Multiple locations, 9/25-27
Calling all trustafarians and faux-hippie ravers.

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Jersey Lawmakers Call for Review of Ray Rice Case

New Jersey lawmakers are calling for a review of a prosecutor’s actions — and possibly changes to state law — to discover why suspended NFL player Ray Rice was shown leniency despite video showing the viciousness of his attack on his then-fiancée. The video was released to the public this week by TMZ.

Rice entered a “pre-trial intervention” program after the incident, allowing him to avoid charges and eventually to expunge his record of the arrest. The process must have the approval of a judge, and Atlantic County prosecutors say Rice was treated no differently from other first-time offenders.

The Courier-Post reports that Senate President Stephen Sweeney “asked Acting Attorney General John Hoffman ‘to look at the law itself to see if it should be re-written or revised. This should include a review of who qualifies for PTI and when it is allowed.’”

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Atlantic City Is Not a Happy Place



I live outside of Philadelphia, less than 75 minutes away from Atlantic City. But I haven’t visited Atlantic City in more than a decade. Why is this?

It takes less time to go there than New York or DC and other shore towns. There are beautiful hotels. There is no shortage of great entertainment. There are beaches and a boardwalk. It’s the ocean. It’s a resort. Yet … I just don’t go there. Over the years, whenever my wife and I want to take our kids to the shore we always ignore Atlantic City, opting instead for a day at Margate or to rent a house for a week in Ocean City. We are not alone. Most, if not all of my friends, neighbors, even clients are the same way. My mother, who used to go there at least monthly to gamble hasn’t been there in years. Why should she? There are plenty of other gambling alternatives right here in and around the city.

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