The Revel Casino Finally Has a New Name

Revel Casino Hotel, now called TEN

Revel on its last day of operations in 2014. | Photo: Dan McQuade

The summer season has come and gone in Atlantic City, and despite an initial mid-June opening date, the former Revel casino remains shuttered — and owner Glenn Straub, who bought it out of bankruptcy, earlier this month threatened to leave town after clashing with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

But there is a significant movement in the beautiful property that’s been closed for longer than it’s been open: a new name. Revel is now called TEN. Read more »

I Flew Over Atlantic City in a World War II-Era Plane

View of the New Jersey beach and Atlantic Ocean from a GEICO Skytypers plane

The view from my plane over the Atlantic Ocean | Photo: Dan McQuade

I can admit, I was terrified.

I knew I would be OK. My pilot was Bob Johansen, a Navy veteran who told me he’d been an aviation enthusiast his whole life and got his pilot’s license as a teenager. He flew for TWA, and began his career with the GEICO Skytypers in 1977. Brenda Little, who does marketing for the Skytypers, told me “Bob is the best pilot on the team.” He won FAA’s highest civilian honor, the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, given to those with a record of 50 years of safe flight.

The plane was about 70 years old. When Johansen helped me strap on my life vest and parachute, he told me I wouldn’t need it. “This thing is like a tank,” he said, tapping the plane’s body. “Any problems, I’d rather take my chances landing in it. Unless the wing falls off or it’s on fire, we won’t be jumping out of it.”

But when we took off in our SNJ-2, first developed in the 1930s and used to train Navy pilots during World War II, I was scared. It’s not that I thought we were going to crash. It’s that I didn’t know what to expect. Once we got over the ocean along Atlantic City, though, the feeling was breathtaking. I got it. The canopy was open. The wind finally gave me some relief from the heat. I looked up at the sky and exhaled. This was incredible. Read more »

Christie Says He’ll Vote to Expand Casinos to Northern New Jersey

Chris Christie

New Jersey governor Chris Christie said he plans to cast his ballot in favor of expanding casinos outside of Atlantic City and into parts of northern New Jersey.

The Associated Press reports that Christie made the comments at a statehouse news conference, where he said he would campaign for the ballot question. The idea of expanding casinos has drawn criticism from those who believe the move would further damage Atlantic City’s economy.

Read more »

Bob Brady: Trump’s Bankruptcies Have Been Terrible for Philly and A.C.

Bob Brady. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Bob Brady. Photo | Jeff Fusco

This is an opinion column by U.S. Rep. Bob Brady.

Donald Trump routinely touts his casinos in Atlantic City as an example of his skill as a businessman. But Trump’s self-proclaimed huge success in Atlantic City was in reality a series of failures. Trump may have personally benefited from bankrupting his casinos and driving them into debt, but workers, small business owners and the city suffered while he got rich.

Many of us have seen firsthand Trump’s repeated business failures in Atlantic City. In the 1990s, he filed Chapter 11 three times on casinos which included The Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Castle, and Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. Then in the 2000s, he filed for bankruptcy two more times in Atlantic CityRead more »

Hillary Clinton Visits Striking Trump Taj Mahal Workers in Atlantic City

Hillary Clinton - Trump Taj Mahal

Hillary Clinton (she’s in there, we swear!) is mobbed by striking Trump Taj Mahal workers and press at Pacific and Virginia avenues on Wednesday, July 6th. | Photo by Dan McQuade

Workers cheered. The press swarmed. The Secret Service yelled at people to get on the sidewalk.

After her rally in front of the closed Trump Plaza on Wednesday afternoon, Hillary Clinton made a quick stop at the entrance of the Trump Taj Mahal to greet striking workers. Clinton shook hands for about five minutes.

“Workers are on strike at the Trump Taj Mahal,” Clinton said. “And we should all support them.” (The casino union, which endorsed Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, removed his image from its window before Clinton’s visit.) Read more »

Outside Shuttered Casino, Hillary Clinton Assails Trump’s Record in Atlantic City

Hillary Clinton in front of Trump Plaza

Photo | Dan McQuade

On the boardwalk outside a closed casino that was once part of Donald Trump’s Atlantic City empire, Hillary Clinton made her case that Trump is unfit to be president.

Clinton, the presumed Democratic nominee, ran through a litany of Trump’s struggles in Atlantic City. She talked about his former casino empire, once a third of the city’s market, that is now in the hands of other companies. She talked about Vera Coking’s house, which Trump once tried to take via eminent domain for limousine parking. She even talked about his use of junk bonds in the late 1980s.

“He intentionally ran up huge amounts of debt on his companies. He borrowed at high interest rates even after he promised regulators he wouldn’t. And here’s what he said: ‘I figured it was the banks’ problem, not mine. What do I care?’” said Clinton. “He doesn’t default and go bankrupt as a last resort, he does it over and over on purpose.” Read more »

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in Atlantic City Tomorrow

Atlantic City - Trump Taj Mahal - Hillary Clinton

Trump Taj Mahal photo by Dan McQuade; Hillary Clinton photo by Zachary Moskow, used under a Creative Commons license

Hillary Clinton is heading to Donald Trump’s old playground to attack the presumptive Republican nominee tomorrow.

Clinton will appear in Atlantic City at 12:15 p.m. in front of Boardwalk Hall. According to a release from the Clinton camp, Clinton will make “the case that Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to serve as president, based on the wake of destruction his business dealings caused in the seaside town and for businesses and families across the country.”

Trump once had three casinos and numerous other properties in Atlantic City, but a series of bankruptcies reduced his presence there from a third of the market to simply a deal with Carl Icahn to use his name on the Trump Taj Mahal. Read more »

1,000 Trump Taj Mahal Workers Go on Strike

Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City

Photo | Dan McQuade

Trump Taj Mahal workers walked out at 6 a.m. this morning, striking before the busy holiday weekend after their union was not able to reach a contract agreement.

Workers with UNITE HERE Local 54, who threatened to strike at five casinos earlier this week, reached agreements with Caesars Entertainment (Caesars, Bally’s and Harrah’s) and the Tropicana yesterday. They were not able to come to an agreement with the Taj, and announced a strike early this morning.

“For 20 months, 1,000 loyal Taj Mahal employees have been fighting to restore the middle class jobs that were destroyed in the bankruptcy,” said Fabia Sespedes, a housekeeper at the Taj Mahal for the last nine years. “Today, we said enough is enough, and went on strike for a restoration of health benefits and fair wages and working conditions.” Read more »

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