Field Guide: The Best Philadelphia Blow Dry Bars to Upgrade Your Hair Fast

Philadelphia Blow Dry Bars: Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique in Rittenhouse

Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique in Rittenhouse

The rise of the blow dry bar has turned the lot of us into a bunch of old ladies: We get our hair “set” once or twice a week, toting hardcore shower caps and satin pillow cases with us everywhere we go, and before we know it, it’s been months since we even bought our own shampoo. Can you blame us? Getting our hair professionally coiffed not only lets us walk out of there as if Beyoncé’s fans have been trained upon us, appointments offer a respite from the outside world—one with scalp massages and champagne to boot. Here are the local places you’re most likely to find us.

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Macy’s to Close 100 Stores — Could Philly Locations Be Shuttered?

Macy's Center City - mannequins in the Wanamaker building

Mannequins (that have not yet come to life) pose in the grand court at Macy’s in the Wanamaker building. | Photo by Dan McQuade

Wanamaker is a name with a lot of history in Philadelphia. John Wanamaker first got into the retail business in 1861, and he opened the grand Wanamaker Building in 1911. There has been a department store there ever since — and one with a lot of beloved Philadelphia traditions in it. The pipe organ in the Grand Court is the largest playing pipe organ in the world, and its holiday light show has delighted citizens of Philadelphia for generations. It also hosts Dickens Village, a more recent holiday affair that was once at Wanamaker’s.

Also, the Wanamaker Building played Prince & Co. in Mannequin, which for various reasons isthe greatest film ever made about Philadelphia. Now a Macy’s, the department store is just three levels — reduced from an original nine floors of retail space.

Today, Macy’s announced it had “outlined a series of initiatives to drive profitable growth, enhance shareholder value and strengthen Macy’s as America’s preferred omnichannel shopping destination.” Translation: Macy’s is closing 100 stores. (Its stock jumped at the news.) Read more »

A Philly Designer Is on the Newest Season of Project Runway, and We’re Excited

Image via Project Runway Facebook

Mah-Jing is in denim in the back row; Alex Snyder is in black next to him. Image via Project Runway Facebook

Set a reminder, program your DVRs; Project Runway season 15 is right around the corner. Adding a little Philadelphia spice to the competition is Mah-Jing Wong (pronounced “Mun-Gene-Wong”), Philly-native and 2011 Art Institute of Philadelphia grad. The Philly designer describes his designs as very “denim-focused” with lots of Asian influences. Also featured this season is San Franciscan Alex Snyder, who lived in Philly for 3 years before heading out west (it totally counts). Read more »

Meet the Philly Publisher Working with Tim Burton to Bring Your Favorite Books to the Big Screen

Photography by Courtney Apple for Philadelphia Magazine

Photography by Courtney Apple for Philadelphia Magazine

Chances are, if you’ve walked into a bookstore within the last five years, you’ve seen some of the books Jason Rekulak has worked on. We’re talking mega-hits like YA series Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (stay tuned — the novel is up for a big-screen adaptation in September) and cult favorite Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. In his 16 years at Quirk Books, Rekulak has edited five New York Times bestsellers, read around 150 books per year, and published approximately 25 new titles every year. We chatted with the Philly publisher about his everyday routine — including working with Tim Burton, his go-to coffeeshop and where to score surprising literary finds. Read more »

Best of Philly: Gift Shops and Drones and Watches, Oh My!

Images via Instagram | @moonandarrow and @occasionette

Images via Instagram | @moonandarrow and @occasionette

Best of Philly 2016 is now online as well as at newsstands. Check out the best in Philadelphia-made goods as well as the rest of the best in food, drink, shopping, beauty, health, fitness, fun and games.

We’ve already rounded up the best in men’s and women’s shopping, as well as Kardashian-worthy beauty, but what about gift shops and bookstores and the like? From the hottest baby boutiques to the dopest drone stores (it is 2016, after all), here’s where to go for everything else.
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New Local Indie Bookstores You Need to Add to Your Rotation

indie bookstores

Image via Main Point Books.

Call us nerds all day long, but we’ll never stop loving a good bookstore — especially if it’s one of Philly’s amazing independently owned shops. Get to know three newcomers to the indie bookstore scene, and start planning your trip to the shops now. (Warning: They’re all in the ’burbs.) Trust us — these places are worth it.  Read more »

Best of Philly: Women’s Shopping

Images via Instagram | @theritualritual and @meadowsweetmercantile

Images via Instagram | @theritualritual and @meadowsweetmercantile

Best of Philly 2016 is now online as well as at newsstands. Check out the best in women’s shopping as well as the rest of the best in food, drink, shopping, beauty, health, fitness, fun and games.

Women’s shopping is something we hold near and dear to our hearts here at Shoppist. It’s the very basis of our print and online content and a cornerstone of Philly’s bustling retail scene. While we’ve already nailed down the 50 best shops in the city, we’ve found some new gems that’ll upgrade your closet instantly. Here’s the best of best of women’s shopping in Philadelphia. Read more »

Best of Philly: Wardrobe-Salvaging Pros

wardrobe-salvaging pros

iStock / TommL.

Got that one coat in your closet that’s so darn cute but totally has a huge tear in the lining? How about those Italian leather shoes that you waited a little too long to shine, and now they just look sad? Luckily, Philly’s got some pros that will breathe new life into your most treasured belongings, so you can reuse instead of replace — and save your heard-earned money for, well, these BOP-worthy meals. Read more »

Shop Talk: The Packing Secrets of Bachelor Contestants

The ladies of The Bachelor | Image via Facebook

The ladies of The Bachelor | Image via Facebook

  • The Bachelorette may have just ended, but we’re still caught up on the series (and it’s originator, The Bachelor’s) wardrobe situation. Who just has 10+ gowns and cocktail dresses lying around? Refinery29 did some much appreciated investigative journalism on the truth behind The Bachelor contestants’ wardrobes. [Refinery29]
  • Nothing is more humbling than getting a huge zit the day before an important event. We might poke and prod at our faces in the hopes of shrinking a blemish, but what do celebrities (people known to have flawless skin) turn to when they are suddenly faced with a pimple? Here are 8 celebrity tricks for banishing acne. [Byrdie]

Plus, a crash course in vintage denim

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