How to Shop Your Way Through Fishtown

Shopping in Fishtown

Minnow Lane’s storefront and wares from Field. | Images via @minnowlane and @shop.field.

Fishtown: It’s not just for hipsters! This neighborhood’s got world-class vintage finds, stylish plants and flowers for your place, and is home to some of the best damn coffee on this green Earth — there’s a little something for everyone there. Get to know the area that’s forever resenting being called “the Brooklyn of Philadelphia.” Here are the eight coolest places to shop in Fishtown, because we believe shopping is the ultimate way to explore any part of town. Read more »

An Inside Peek at Rittenhouse’s Best New Gift Shop

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On Sunday, I had the privilege of getting a special peek of Kate Egan’s newest addition to our shopping scene: Egan Rittenhouse, a brilliantly curated gift shop in the Rittenhouse Hotel.

The shop soft-opened a few weeks ago, and Kate invited a handful of people to an intimate dinner celebrating the new venture. Egan Rittenhouse features the same artful, impeccably edited mix that her jewelry shop, Egan Day, is known for, but the boutique’s bent is towards gifts and lifestyle products, like dishes, vases, glassware, caftans (caftans!), men’s grooming products, kid’s toys, and flowers – these are presented in hand-carved wood boxes – created by Terrain’s in-house floral and landscape designer, Matthew Muscarella (see his dreamy Instagram here).   Read more »

I Tried It: The Eyebrow Shaping Treatment That Costs $600


Going under the blade for good brows. | iStockphoto/Jacob Wackerhausen.

It’s very easy for most women to justify absurd beauty and fashion purchases. We practically have our master’s degrees in it. That stupidly expensive midi dress? “It can be dressed up or dressed down. I’ll basically live in it this summer!” That insanely pricey lotion? “I only have to use the tiniest amount, so it’s actually a good value in the end!” And the eyebrow treatment I just got that cost more than a car payment? “It’s gonna save me minutes every morning, for years, and that is priceless!”

But, in the end, was it actually worth it?

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Three New Stores Announced for KOP Expansion

King of Prussia rendering

A rendering of the new King of Prussia mall addition.

The King of Prussia Mall expansion continues on schedule, and the mall addition that will (finally!) connect the Plaza and the Court is starting to take shape. Today, mall owner Simon Property Group announced three new stores that are coming to the King of Prussia Mall sometime in late summer.

Headlining that list is Superdry, the U.K.-based outfitter that combines American-style fashion with nonsense Japanese script (really, it’s all gibberish) plastered on its outerwear. Read more »

Shop Talk: How to Make the Skincare Products You Already Own More Effective

how to make the skincare products you already own more effective

Stop spending more than you have to on your skincare. | iStock/alphabetMN.

  • Skincare can get pricey — especially the good stuff — which is why we’re always on the lookout for insider secrets that’ll save us some dough. Check out one expert’s way to make the skincare products you already own more effective, and start upgrading your drugstore brands ASAP . [Byrdie]
  • Lord knows when you spring for a wardrobe staple like a nice leather tote, you want it to last for a few years at least. Try this super-simple trick for lengthening the life of your leather bag: Just tuck some newspaper in the empty spaces at night before you tuck yourself into bed, and remove in the morning! [Pure Wow]

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Field Guide: 8 Places to Eat, Drink and Shop on Fabric Row

The Best Fabric Row Shops and Restaurants : The scene along Fabric Row

(Left) The scene along Fabric Row; (right) inside the Hungry Pigeon  | Photo by Jauhien Sasnou

A longtime trove for all things textile, Fabric Row has evolved in recent years, welcoming a slew of new stops — beyond fabric outposts — ideal for a weekend jaunt. Here, eight standout eateries, shops and spots to hit next time you visit the Queen Village thoroughfare. Read more »

Am I Too Old to Get a Tattoo?

I have never once in my life wanted to get a tattoo. This is surprising, as I’ve never been one to turn away any sort of accessory or adornment. But the permanence of a tattoo scares me. They’ve always seemed nice in theory; in my mind I’ve slotted them next to things like culottes or overalls: great on other people, just not on me. But lately – perhaps due to a slightly premature mid-life crisis, and certainly fueled by evenings spent binge-watching Ink Master — I’ve started to rethink ink.

I recently read an article in an issue of the New York Times Style magazine in which 44-year-old Olga of Greece — a real princess! — was quoted as saying that it’s “never too late to get a tattoo.” She said she “very recently” got her first, at some renowned parlor in Milan. You know, as princesses do.

Still, it feels as though my tattoo window has closed. I spent my teens and twenties ink-free, arguably the time most people get their first – often dubiously cool – tattoos. Certainly if I’d gone under the needle then, I’d have a stupid butterfly or Chinese symbol on my ankle. Plus, I’m notoriously indecisive. I can barely decide what I want to eat for dinner each day; how would I ever decide what to get permanently inked on my body?  Read more »

Briar Vintage Closing Old City Storefront to Open Up Shop in Frankford

briar vintage

Images via Briar Vintage Facebook.

UPDATE: Sazz and Briar Vintage will both vacate their Old City storefronts, moving in together at 618 South 6th Street in Bella Vista.

ORIGINAL: Old City is losing a great men’s vintage storefront, thanks to rising rent prices in the area. We’re sad to see Briar Vintage pack up shop this June and move to a new neighborhood, as it’s been a mainstay for just shy of five years on 3rd Street. However, with a limited selection of its dapper men’s gear available in the adjacent vintage shop, Briar Vintage won’t be completely leaving Old City for good.  Read more »

How to Wear One Black Dress 6 Different Ways (No One Will Know!)

what to wear over an LBD

It’s all in the accessories. Image via iStock/lolostock.

Everyone’s got that one dress in the closet – the go-to, the fail-safe, the blank canvas. For most, it’s a little black dress. But wearing the same thing can get boring, and lead to the age-old style rut. Luckily, there are tons of trendy, flirty, and super-cute ways to style an LBD for the gods this spring and summer — we’re talking seashell purses, gypsy earrings, and embellished jackets that would make Kanye jealous. Here’s how to wear one black dress six completely different ways, so that your inner alter-egos get a chance to come out and play. Trust us, no one will know you wore the same dress to dinner last weekend. Read more »

10 Philly Boutiques You Can Shop Online (And Why They’re So Awesome)

Items from P’s & Q’s and Omoi Zakka Shop’s sister store, Select Shop 215.

In this age of instant gratification, online shopping reigns the queen of convenience and guilt-free indulgence. Summer’s just around the corner, beckoning Philadelphians to come out of hibernation in droves. Yay! Right…? Call us antisocial, but the very thought of weaving through crowded streets on a shopping venture makes kicking back in the living room, debit-card in hand while mindlessly scrolling through the pages of our favorite shops sound more appealing than ever. Shopping the best boutiques + never changing out of our PJs = a win-win situation all around. The best part? More and more local shops are opening up e-commerce platforms, going beyond brick and mortar so you can really shop local on the interwebs. Here are the best Philly boutiques you can shop online:
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