4 Home Design Trends That Are About to Be Huge

ligne roset

Image via Ligne Roset.

If you haven’t heard, Old City has an amazing new home design studio, Millésimé. Walking into the two-story showroom is like waltzing onto the infinitely cooler, European version of an HGTV set. They’ve got ultra-mod lighting fixtures, luxe couches in upholstery to die for, and sleek shelving units that will make you want to want to burn your flimsy IKEA FJÄLKINGE on the spot. Millésimé is the area’s exclusive carrier of Ligne Roset—the full collection is fresh off the boat from France and every bit as chic as you’re imagining. Jinous Kazemi is the woman with impeccable taste who’s running the show, and we picked her brain on the biggest home design trends that are about to blow up. (She ordered a showroom full of dusty pink and soft blue inventory months and months before Pantone ever named their colors of the year, so I’d take her word for it if I were you.) Read more »

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Solidify Your Place as “Favorite Child” For Life

mothers day gift ideas

Images via Terrain and Nourishing Matters.

Moms are simply the best, and Mother’s Day is all about making her feel loved and appreciated. But even the best intentions can take a turn for the worse (like when your homemade crème brûlée french toast winds up a kitchen disaster). How about this year, you skip the DIYs and the experimental recipes and just get mom something she actually wants? Lord knows she’s earned it. Here are a few great Mother’s Day gift ideas at every price point: Read more »

5 Store Owners Get Honest About the Future of Philly Retail


From left: Maureen Doron, Erik Honesty, Ann Gitter, Tung To and January Bartle. | Photo by Claudia Gavin.

For our first-ever roundup of the 50 best shops in Philly (didn’t check it out yet? See who made the list here), we wanted to do more than just call out the top spots to shop. We wanted to dig a little further into exactly what makes our city’s retail scene tick, what keeps it running, and what challenges lie ahead.

Who better to talk about the changing state of Philly retail than the store owners who live it every day? We rounded up five of the city’s top tastemakers who have paved the way for independent retail in Philly, and who are shaping—and shaking up—the way we shop. And then we picked their brains. What they had to say about our retail landscape is fascinating (no one buys pants!), scary (you won’t believe how much it costs to open a store on Chestnut Street) and – in the end – totally exciting.  Read more »

The Best Men’s Denim Brands in Philly


Photo by Claudia Gavin.

A tip for the guys: If you’re going to invest in one thing right now, make it a great pair of jeans. You’ll get tons of wear out of them, they never go out of style, and if they’re made well, they get even better with wear (and no, you’re not supposed to wash them often, if at all). Before you look to Levi’s, consider one of the above – each pair is completely handcrafted, and all have local ties.

You’ve probably heard of Fishtown’s Norman Porter (the brothers have achieved cult status in the local denim scene), but did you know that one of the guys from Commonwealth Proper broke off to launch his own denim line, Gentry x Rose? And how about Asbury Park, the Shore-town-founded company that counts Bon Jovi and the Eagles of Death Metal band as fans? (Look closely: All of the buttons and rivets are designed to look like the manhole covers in Asbury Park.) Here, three top men’s denim brands we can call our own.
Read more »

Behind the Scenes of My Vacation With Lilly Pulitzer

The author, center, on her Lilly cruise. Photograph by Lauren McGrath

Me on the Lilly cruise. | Photograph by Lauren McGrath

Back in January, I got the opportunity a million girls would die for: a three-day trip to sunny Palm Beach, Florida, with a couple of girls from Lilly Pulitzer’s King of Prussia headquarters. Heaven, right? Almost. You see, I’m not exactly a fan of Lilly Pulitzer, so going on the trip felt a tad unfair, like a gluten-free person getting an all-you-can-eat bakery tour, or a vegetarian winning free burgers for life.

But I went (journalism!) and, well, I had fun. A lot of fun. We toured the Lilly Pulitzer design studio, awash in hot pink and shiny white lacquer, and the famed Breakers hotel, where many of the staff uniforms are Lilly. We dined on the patio at Renato’s, which is a coconut’s throw from Lilly Pulitzer’s first boutique. We hopped aboard the Lilly Pulitzer boat for a champagne-soaked cruise around the island. And when we left, I was … well, read the whole story here.

And for those millions of Lilly fans who weren’t on the trip with us, here’s a peek into the Lilly Pulitzer world and where it all began. With, yes, a juice stand.  Read more »

Shop Talk: 7 Simple Tricks for Removing Stubborn Makeup

removing stubborn makeup

Don’t settle for next-day stained lips. | iStock/bgwalker

  • Liquid matte lipsticks staining your mouth for days?  I feel your pain. Vaseline is the answer to your prayers, along with these other secrets for removing stubborn makeup. [Total Beauty]
  • Gluten-free haircare is a thing—should you alter your mane’s products, even if gluten is a staple in your diet? [Byrdie]

Plus the perfect packing list

Inside Lillyland: This Is Why Women Are Obsessed With Lilly Pulitzer

The author in a sea of Lilly. Photograph by Adam Jones

The author in a sea of Lilly. Photograph by Adam Jones

IT’S NOT PARTICULARLY WARM on the Lilly Pulitzer yacht, especially once we’re out in the middle of the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach, but the style blogger in the purple-and-pink romper doesn’t care. Or at least she doesn’t show it if she does. She’s a professional, and when it’s time to film a quick video for Lilly Pulitzer’s Snapchat account, she perches on the side of the boat that has the best view of the palm trees and waterside mansions, tosses her blond hair — once, twice, the wind rippling through it too roughly for her liking — and then, on cue, throws her tawny, Twizzler-thin arms in the air and lets out a screeching “WOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

This sort of shriek has been the rallying cry of our trip — semi-staged squeals that call attention to the group (although how could you not notice a giggly cloud of highlighter-bright prints, champagne flutes soaring for constant toasts, our boat the only one in the marina upholstered in splashy pink-and-green florals?) and let more than two million Lilly Pulitzer fans across Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter know that we are having more fun than you.  Read more »

All The Outdoor Festivals and Flea Markets You Can’t Miss This Weekend

Open-air markets are about as outdoorsy as things get here at Shoppist, and we see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Soak in some sunshine this weekend while supporting local artisans, vendors and chefs at any of these outdoor festivals and flea markets. With handmade goods, amazing food, and lots of sunshine, you’re bound to have the best weekend at one of these shopping extravaganzas. Go the extra mile and show some skin—you’ve gotta start working on those pale legs sometime, right? Read more »

Get Excited For This Cutting-Edge Fitness Store Coming to King of Prussia

Peloton store in Manhasset, New York | Be Well Philly

Peloton store in Manhasset, New York | Photo courtesy Peloton

Gone are the days when you actually had to be in a group of people to join in on a live group fitness class: Peloton, a New York City-based company, designs at-home Spin bikes that allow you to stream live group fitness classes — which happen at their New York studio around 10 times a day — via a 22-inch Android tablet (sweat-proof, by the way) attached to the bike. Cool, right? And soon, come the week of May 2nd, the company will be setting up shop at King of Prussia Mall. Read more »

Urban Outfitters Is Making Big Moves at the King of Prussia Mall

Many people don’t associate URBN’s brands with each other, but the company hopes to change that perception soon. This fall, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie and (wait for it) Pizzeria Vetri, URBN’s newest addition, will form a cluster within the King of Prussia Mall. This mall-within-a-mall will be more than just a bohemian girl’s haven; it’s a new concept for the company — and a bit of a gamble.  Read more »

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