Old Navy Opening a Huge Flagship on Chestnut Street


An Old Navy storefront. | Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com

While Gap is struggling, its sister brand Old Navy continues to thrive, raking in $6 billion in US sales last year alone. And it’s funneling a little bit of its profits into setting down even more roots in Philly.

The company is planning to open a nearly 24,000-square-foot flagship store at 1618-22 Chestnut Street (you know, the gorgeous Art Deco building that’s now home to the Art Institute of Philadelphia). No word on when it’s slated to open, but they have confirmed that they won’t be closing the Gallery location.

Head to our sister blog, Property, for more info. And keep your fingers crossed that they don’t destroy that cool building facade.

Market Report: These 5 Beauty Mistakes Seriously Age You


How to look forever young. (Or at least not older than you are.) | Shutterstock.

  • Fact: The beauty rules you’ve been following (like dabbing blush on the apples of your cheeks) could be making you look older than you really are. These side-by-side pics show the huge difference that just a few simple makeup application changes can make. Tip: Lay off the harsh contouring and shimmery lipstick! [Marie Claire]
  • Remember when Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a sext to Instagram? (Awkward.) Well, he’s now turning the whole gaffe into a fashion moment: T-shirts depicting the accidental post’s caption (“It’s yours to try!” — which referred to his bare bum) will be for sale starting September 1st. Lemons into lemonade, indeed. [Complex]
  • A Michigan man is offering up a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boosts in exchange for … a kidney. According to the man’s Facebook post, he has two failing kidneys and has been on dialysis for two years. Oh, and he’s a size 10. [Sole Collector]

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7 Quick Ways to Embrace Fall’s Best Trend

Pre-fall’s rich, moody mix of embroidery, embellishment, fringe and fur lets you embrace an endless summer — and prepare for fall’s inevitable arrival. Here are seven great buys (that hit all price points!) that  you can start wearing now and carry into fall, plus the inspiration (from Anna Sui’s fall 2015 collection) to pull it off.


Images courtesy of designers; wedge: Neiman Marcus; top: Net-a-Porter.

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Hallelujah! We Have Pope Soap!


Holy soap. | Photo by Claudia Gavin.

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and now it finally has: pope soap. But these bars are special. They’re handmade by Midtown Village soapmakers Duross & Langel …. from holy water. The soaps — which feature the likenesses of Pope Francis, Mary, and Jesus, Mary and Joseph — will be available by September 11th, and they’ll retail for $7.50 each.  Read more »

We Tried It: Primp & Play, Philly’s New Kid-Friendly Spa


Your new favorite relaxation spot. | Image via Primp & Play.

This post originally appeared on Wee Wander, a website dedicated to helping parents navigate Philadelphia.

I couldn’t help but have a knee-jerk reaction to the news that a new kid-friendly spa was opening in Philly. I can’t quite pinpoint what didn’t sit right, but it had something to do with sending the wrong message to little (very little) girls and boys about external beauty … and maybe also a little something to do with Honey Boo Boo. But then I actually read the press release and found myself getting excited because this wasn’t shaping up to be your typical Toddlers and Tiaras type of place. And my recent visit confirmed just that.  Read more »

WTF Beauty: Why Is This New Tarantula Lash Trend a Thing?


Nope, not even close. | Images via Rafsy and Maybelline.

Lashes are everything  – that’s, like, rule #1 of makeup. A good coat of mascara makes the eyes look bigger, draws attention to the most beautiful asset on your face, and has the power to make even the sleepiest chick look wide awake. Clear mascara was the first bit of makeup my teeny-bopper-self was allowed to wear (Mom’s ingenious placebo), and since then, my lashes have been the most important step in getting ready. Seriously, have you ever left the house with all of your makeup done only to forget your mascara? You feel like a naked mole rat the rest of the day, despite the fact that your face is 99 percent done. Even if I’m just running to the gym on an off day, I swipe on a coat or two to look a little more alive. Bottom line: I feel really strongly about lashes, which is why this new trend of intentionally clumpy mascara is making. My. Blood. Boil. Read more »

Fun With Lists: Philly Ranked Among Most Frugal Cities in America



It’s been a week of impressive rankings for our great city, but recent analysis by Coupons.com, has us scratching our heads: Philadelphia is ranked the 14th most frugal city in America.

On the one hand, that’s awesome! We’re outsmarting the man, one coupon and sale rack bargain at a time. On the other hand, we’re officially a city full of cheapos. With the cost of living in the Philly metro area clocking in at one of the lowest of most coastal cities in America (especially in the Northeast), isn’t it time to stop hoarding our pennies and maybe start splurging a little? It’ll help local businesses and also benefit, well, your closet. (And if you need help with that, well, check this out. And this. And, last one, this.)

Just sayin’.

Where to Find Lingerie You’ll Actually Wear


Loungewear, done right. | Shutterstock.

A few months ago I stumbled across Friends With Benefits on TV, the movie with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. In one scene, Mila wears a drapey, kimono-like robe, and that’s pretty much where things ended for me. I spent the rest of the movie searching for the robe online — and apparently I wasn’t the only one. A Google search for “robe worn by Mila Kunis in ‘Friends With Benefits’” garners over 46,000 results, most of which link to pleading questions like this: “I have wanted … No NEEDED the robe that Mila Kunis wore in Friends with Benefits since I laid eyes on it. This is the closest I’ve found” (from a Pinterest page; the robe she found looked nothing like it), and this: “i must know who makes the silk nightgown mumu looking thing Mila has on when her mom walks in on her and Justin. It is amazing! who makes it/where can i get it?!? [sic]” (from one of many comments concerning the robe on Possessionista, a blog that sources clothing worn by celebs).

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Market Report: The One Trick to Looking Photogenic In Every Pic


Up your selfie game with less duckface, more squinching. | Shutterstock.

  • Forget Tyra’s ‘smizing’ and learn Hollywood’s red-carpet secret to looking like a model in any photo: (wait for it) squinching. The gist is this: Tighten your bottom lids but relax your upper lids, sort of like a half-squint. It sounds contrived, but it actually helps you look more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. [PureWow]
  • Kim Kardashian has slowly toned down her flashy, splashy style. Turns out, it’s not just Kanye’s influence. Meet Vogue Australia‘s Christine Centenera, the woman behind Kim Kardashian’s fashion transformation. The best part? She’s not even her stylist; Kim just started copping her style. [PopSugar]

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Two Philly Schools Ranked on List of Best Fashion Design Programs in the World

Drexel Fashion

Inside Drexel’s URBN Center. | Image via MSR Design.

The Business of Fashion recently conducted a global study to determine the best fashion design programs, and guess what? Of the top 21 schools ranked for undergrad, Drexel and Philadelphia University made the cut, and PhilaU landed a spot in the top ten master’s programs in the world.

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