All the Soft Pretzels You Should Be Eating in Philly Now

Stadium pretzels, stuffed pretzels, fancy sourdough pretzels: In this town, there's a salty snack for every occasion.

Sourdough pretzel | Photo courtesy of The Kettle Black

Philadelphia’s obsession with soft pretzels is quieter than our obsession with cheesesteaks—you have to sort of live here to understand it. After a late night of drinking, or early in the morning on your way to the office, those are the moments when the soft pretzel shines. Perhaps the best version is the semi-dried out pretzel purchased from a street vendor on your way to a Phillies or Eagles game, but no matter when you eat it, it’s a dependable, consistent snack that is always there for us. Here’s where to get the best ones.

Center City Pretzel Co., Italian Market
This is pretty much the OG of Philly pretzels. They’ve been around for over forty years, cranking out their crusty, craggly pretzels. They do a ton of wholesale in the city, but the freshest pretzels are the ones you buy at their hole-in-the-wall storefront with only cash. Plus, they have a pragel, which is exactly what you think it is.

Miller’s Twist, Reading Terminal Market
Miller’s Twist is more Auntie Ann’s-style than old-school Philly-style: their pretzels are buttery and crisp on the outside with a delicate inside dough. This is also the spot to get beloved Philly items like a pretzel-wrapped hot dog or the Philly Cheesesteak pretzel.


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Rowhome Coffee, Fitler Square 
Rowhome made a splash when they opened in 2020 with a soft pretzel breakfast sandwich. Stacked with bacon, egg and cheese, we can see why people have lined up for hours to eat this perfect breakfast.

Philly Pretzel Factorymultiple locations
If you grew up in the Philadelphia area, these are the pretzels that you grew up eating at sports games, birthday parties, and barbecues. By the time they get to you, they’re not typically the freshest, but we’ll be damned if they’re not dependable.

Wawa, multiple locations 
Wawa is the official sponsor of late night drives, post-bar snacks, quick breakfasts, and so many more essential Eastern Pennsylvania experiences. Their soft pretzels, which are usually available in the grab and go section, are always a good, quick option, even if they’re not the most glamorous.

Bernie’s Pretzel’s, Aldan 
Stop by Bernie’s out in the suburbs for hot and fresh pretzels, plus water ice and ice cream. Kids will love watching the bakers hand-twist the buttery pretzels.


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Frankford HallFishtown
Frankford’s pretzel is not really a Philly-style pretzel, it’s a gigantic Bavarian pretzel, served plain or with cheese dip (but really, who would get it without cheese dip?)

The Kettle BlackKensington 
There’s a lot to love at the Kettle Black: chewy bagels, perfectly flaky croissants, some of the best baguettes in Philly. But they also do a sourdough soft pretzel, which is an absolute can’t miss when it’s on the menu.