retail therapy

Why Do We Think Buying Stuff Will Change Who We Are?

Because sometimes, just sometimes, it does.

getting dressed

Spending a Year Getting Dressed for No One Taught Me How to Really Dress for Myself


Ready to Redecorate? Start With These Pretty Philly-Made Wallpapers

lady lancaster

Meet the Lancaster Clothier Turning Vintage Quilts Into Wearable Art

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50 Best Shops in Philadelphia

50 Best Shops in Philadelphia

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Best of Philly Shopping

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We Have Reached Peak Self-Care

When, exactly, did self-care become the cure for all that ails us?

Connoisseur: Mariel Freeman

The co-owner of Three Queens Yoga on her favorite things.

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50 Best Shops in Philadelphia

50 Best Shops in Philadelphia

Best of Philly Shopping

Best of Philly Shopping

Under the Influence

Last year, Ian Michael Crumm was a senior at Drexel. Now, he gets paid to travel and shill high-end products—all because he has 300,000 Instagram followers. Is this a great time to be alive or what?

Connoisseur: Danuta Mieloch’s Favorite Things

The Rescue Spa founder shares her skin-care secrets, her favorite bar, her morning fuel and everything else on her radar.

Freckle Tattooing Is Real

The newest way to look fresh-faced year-round. Seriously.

Connoisseur: Steven Grasse

What he’s drinking, where he’s traveling and what he’s working on next.

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